Star Trek Online Announces Bonus Dyson Event and 8.5 Release Date

Star Trek Online’s 8.5 update is headed your way January 30th, but there’s a bonus Dyson event to help tide you over this weekend.

Star Trek OnlineÂ’s (STO) 4th anniversary is just around the corner and part of CrypticÂ’s celebration will include the launch of the 8.5 update on January 30th, 2014. Along with the update Q will also return to offer players a chance to win a few new starships and Cryptic will be releasing new feature episodes staring a mystery Star Trek actor that will be revealed later. The actor will be revealed within the next week along with a preview of the episode.

To help keep you occupied until the big reveal and content launch, Cryptic will be hosting a bonus Dyson Mark event starting on Friday, January 17th. The event will run through Tuesday, January 21st, providing bonus Dyson Marks by playing Season 8 content.

Solanae Dyson Sphere Adventure Zone*:

  • 100% Bonus Dyson Marks
  • (Extra bonus!) Added Dilithium Rewards

Solanae Dyson Sphere Battlezone:

  • 50% Bonus Dyson Marks

PvE Queued Event: The Breach (Normal or Elite)

  • 50% Bonus Dyson Marks PvE Queued Event: Storming the Spire (Normal or Elite)
  • 50% Bonus Dyson Marks

* Includes “found,” “area,” and “event” missions. Duty Officer assignments that offer Dyson Marks as a reward (found via the interaction buttons towards the lower-right of your screen while flying around the zone) offer 50% Bonus Dyson Marks.

Source: STO Bonus Dyson Marks, 8.5 Update

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