Star Trek Online Brings Back Discount Lifetime Subs with Benefits

Perfect World brings back the discounted Lifetime sub for Star Trek Online with all the trimmings.

Star Trek Online players looking to sign up for the long-term have a little more incentive to do so this month. Perfect World has announced the return of the discounted Lifetime subscription with some hefty perks.

From now through Monday, November 12th, players can pick up a Lifetime subscription for $199.99, $100.00 less than the regular price. Included in the lifetime option, players will gain all the benefits of Gold members and, much to the chagrin of some of the current long-time lifetime subscribers, gain instant access to all of the Veteran Rewards, including the new 1,000-day ships.

You can learn more about available Veteran Rewards and the Lifetime subscription offer on the Star Trek Online website.

Source: Star Trek Online Lifetime Subscription Discount Offer

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