Star Trek Online Developer Diary Previews Q's Holiday Event

Q rolls out the holiday cheer with new events and prizes in Star Trek Online.
Star Trek Online Designer Jeremy Randall has posted a new developer diary offering a peek at what Cryptic and Q have in store for the holidays. The new holiday event come courtesy of that notoriously mischievous omnipotent being known as Q, who has put together a new Winter Wonderland full of challenges for Star Trek Online players to take on and earn new Holiday Collectible items.

Q, in his infinite-but-sometimes-misguided-wisdom, has acknowledged that sometimes the best gift of the season is fun. Sometimes the best thing you can give another person is a smile or nod... or an enchanted lump of mostly-frozen H2O in the face!

Read the full dev blog to see what Q has in store for the holidays.

Source: Star Trek Online Developer Diary #5 – Exploring Q’s Winter Wonderland

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