Star Trek Online Reveals New Gateway

By Stacy Jones -

Star Trek Online is getting a new gateway feature that will allow players to access their game information from PC, tablet and Smartphone devices. In the fourth developer blog for the upcoming Season 7 update, Producer Steve "SalamiInferno" Ricossa, Jr. revealed the aptly named Star Trek Online Gateway and some of the features that will be available at launch. The gateway is inspired by Star TrekÂ’s LCARS design and will allow players to view their stats, equipped items, ship status, accolades and more with its initial release. The team plans to expand the list of features once itÂ’s live.

Star Trek Online and Cryptic Studios are proud to present the beta version of the STO Gateway (working title)! This new feature allows players to remotely access their in-game status information via their desktop, tablet, or smartphone. In its initial release, the STO Gateway will allow players the ability to view their player status and equipped items, ship status and equipped items, bridge officer status and equipped items, and accolades. This list of features is only the beginning of what’s possible — there will be more features and functionality to come.

Read the full dev blog for all the details.

Source: Star Trek Online Gateway Announcement

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