Star Trek Online Showcases Solanae Dyson Sphere Zone

By Stacy Jones -

Star Trek Online (STO) is heading inside the DysonÂ’s Sphere for Season 8. In the latest STO dev blog, CrypticÂ’s Jesse Heinig offers a look at Solanae Dyson Sphere, a new adventure zone set inside of DysonÂ’s Sphere. The large zone provides players with a place to meet up and acquire new missions. Federation and Klingon Empire players can aid the Romulan Republic through the Dyson Joint Command operations to explore the three major zones and stop whatever the Voth are up to.

So how do you get there? Once the upcoming Feature Episode mission “Sphere of Influence” goes live with Season 8, simply complete it to gain entry.

Source: STO Solanae Dyson Sphere Adventure Zone Blog

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