STO Adding New Klingon Episode "Alpha" April 5th

Posted Wed, Apr 04, 2012 by Martuk

Cryptic Studios is adding an all new mission exclusive to Star Trek Online (STO) klingon faction players starting tomorrow with Alpha. The new episode is designed for klingon players of level 34 or higher and will send players on a mission within romulan space.

STO players that complete the new mission can earn from the following rewards:

  • Hirogen Tetryon Blast Rifle: A ground weapon with a fairly fast and strong bolt for its primary fire, but its secondary power is a small-radius explosion.
  • Klingon Intelligence Stealth Utility Armor: A set of physical enhancement utility armor that provides a bonus to all stealth and perception powers. Equip it to enhance your personal cloak or Shroud or to increase your ability to see enemies using stealth technology.

Access to the new mission starts on April 5th, so be sure to read up the latest STO dev blog for all the details.

Source: STO Season 5 Dev Blog #37: Alpha


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