Take the Fight to the Borg in Star Trek Online Season 7

By Stacy Jones -

Star Trek Online (STO) Content Designer Chris Dods has posted the first blog for the upcoming Season 7 content update. DodsÂ’ blog reveals plans for the next Special Task Force (STF) mission for the update, which will send players into the heart of the Borg Collective and home of the Borg Queen, Unimatrix 01.

To participate, use the PvE Queue to join either a public or private queue. Into the Hive is a ground mission that is available in two difficulty modes: Normal and Elite. This event is always available, but if you play during certain hourly events (calendar updates to be announced at a later date) you will earn even more rewards. Into the Hive is available to both Federation and Klingon players and is targeted at 5-person groups. You must be a Vice Admiral or Lieutenant General to participate.

The new STF mission is scheduled to launch with the Season 7 update tentatively scheduled for release later this year.

Source: STO Season 7 Dev Blog

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