Activision Blizzard CEO Kotick Questions the Profitability of SWTOR

Updated Tue, Feb 07, 2012 by Martuk

Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick has never been afraid to speak his mind and at a recent Reuters Summit the CEO took some subtle jabs at rival EA’s upcoming MMORPG, Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR).

Earlier last week a survey and analysis by Lazard Capital Markets and Peanut Labs calculated that anywhere from 900,000 to 1.6 million players could leave World of Warcraft (WoW) following the launch of SWTOR, but Kotick downplayed the notion that BioWare's upcoming MMORPG would gain any of WoW’s users and even questioned if EA would make any money off of the ambitious Star Wars title.

Lucas is going to be the principal beneficiary of the success of Star Wars," Kotick said. "We've been in business with Lucas for a long time and the economics will always accrue to the benefit of Lucas, so I don't really understand how the economics work for Electronic Arts.

The rivalry between Activision Blizzard and EA BioWare should be an interesting one to watch. EA has met Activision head on in the FPS market by pitting Battlefield 3 against the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 in an FPS franchise war. Now EA will take aim at the MMORPG market with SWTOR to take on its chief rival, WoW.

Can SWTOR challenge WoW's position as the top running MMORPG? Or will it be another in a long line of titles to fall short? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

Update: LucasArt's Revenue Split for SWTOR Around 35% According to Analyst

Update 2: Star Wars: The Old Republic Breaks 1.7 Million Subscribers

Source: Reuters
via Eurogamer

I am not sure what Kotick is actually talking about. I don't doubt that Lucas will gain benefit from the game, but this is not a LucasArts in house development, from the way I understand it they more or less served as consultants to ensure that Lore was followed and as the primary sounding board for the ideas being thrown around. After all, it is there IP.

As to the final question of this. Well, I would personally say that on its own SWTOR won't challenge WoW, at least not right off the bat. In a year or two they might build to WoW like numbers of subscriptions, which is about the limit since MMO's have a pretty high turnover and once you get up to the 10-12 million mark it starts becoming a fact that any change or update you make annoys as many people as it pleases and thus continued growth is unsustainable, but I digress.

Long and short, I think SWTOR will be very successful but won't be the end of WoW, if it is even possible for one game to end another, although the stronger it comes out of the gate the greater the chance that Blizzard will do something to end themselves in their attempt to keep players around. I don't know if such an event is likely, just more likely in that scenario.

Oh I don't see anything killing or ending WoW. That's not what I was asking but that gets tossed around so much that I can understand the confusion. What I was asking should be interpreted more as if it could challenge WoW in terms of subscription numbers.

Neither of these games will end the other and no one has managed to topple WoW from it's subscription mountain as of yet.

Good response though and I think Kotick is referring to Lucas's cut from the license deal, but I doubt he knows the numbers behind that deal.

figure he knows SWTOR going to kill his game so he running scared note to self mister NO ONE WANTS TO PLAY KUNG FU PANDA MMO and if they do their all 8yr olds that enjoy fart jokes all day long i dont think SWTOR is going to kill WOW dont think that will happen but keep coming out with crap expansion and it might but that getting away from the point i just finished about 2 weekend betas of SWTOR and in each of those they had 10-20 servers open to play and they were all maxed out with about 3000 people on eace so i think it got a good fan base to keep going

and if they do their all 8yr olds that enjoy fart jokes all day long

Usually this form of logorrhea generally deals with 12 year olds, it seems the age is dropping rapidly. Soon it will be 4 year olds.

I also have been playing SWTOR and loved it. I had no intention of buying the game until well after it was released, if at all, but after playing I was hooked. It's not a complete game changer, and that is good. I want to play an MMO **RPG**, not something else. I like my levels and quests (well done) and SWTOR does that part well.

About the WoW hate. Really.

It's like a junkie hating his drug dealer for providing him their service.


No game in development should be targeting WoW's subscription numbers as necessary for success. If SWTOR brings in 1.5 million total subscribers at $15/mo, that amounts to $22.5 million per month $270 million per year. I suggest that would be more than adequate to cover the cost of development, keep the lights on, fund new development and generate a tidy profit as well. That is a success, by any measure.

Each one that has such humble goals; Rift, SWTOR, GWII, Tera, etc.; will nibble away at the WoW subscriber base until a tipping point is reached where you find yourself playing WoW and most of your friends aren't, anymore. Then you leave. Because that, more than anything, is what keeps people tied to WoW. It is their years of time invested in become proficient in the game and the long relationships they have formed.

Now, Blizzard has begun developing Titan, whatever it may be, and, I bet they have high expectations for it because many of their stars are apparently working on it instead of WoW. Blizzard maybe thinks they can produce another game like WoW that produces 11 million subscribers or more. I think maybe they think that the same people that did it once can do it again. I think they discount the effect that right-place, right-time, right-product had for them. Blizzard freely admits they didn't think they would see the success they did. In the process, they discovered the total available market for MMORPGS. The likelihood of them or anyone capturing over half of it, however good the game, seems very low to me.

The odd thing is, they have captured that much of the market with WoW and they seem willing to let that slowly slip away with an increasingly lackluster product with hopes of re-capturing it with something new instead of securing it through continuing to improve and figuring out how to expand their market without losing the core that makes it evident that WoW is the game to play.

For me, I've been playing since 2006, have played at all levels of the game from clueless casual to hard-core raider and points in-between. I have found myself burnt out on the game, quit, and come back a couple of times. I have never, ever thought it was a great game for gaming sake, but the total package of the game plus the social component made it compelling. Today, I am completely bored with it, but have felt a responsibility to my guild and my friends to keep the raids going. That is, in truth, about shot, as enough guildies are wandering away from the game and seem to share my disinterest to make it hard to pull a raid together. I am no longer motivated enough to rebuild. That tipping point I mentioned above seems to be arriving, at least for me. With any luck their "Raid-Finder" will make it so those who still want to raid have an opportunity to do so.

Quote: EA has met BioWare head on in the FPS market by pitting Battlefield 3 against the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 in an FPS franchise war.

Umm... EA is the head over BioWare. BioWare did NOT make Call of Duty.

Author needs to get the facts straight.

The author is aware of that and that EA also owns BioWare as well as the Battlefield franchise. =) I see the error and it has been corrected. Thanks for pointing it out and sorry for any confusion.

I thought SW:TOR might be a WoW killer: until I beta-tested it, that is. It's making a lot of the mistakes that WoW has recently corrected because they got in the way of the fun. It hasn't taken enough advantage of lessons learned since the mid 2000's. TOR is like playing an MMO in 2005 or so.

Not to mention the Direct X 9 client is sluggish on my last-year's-top-of-the-line ATI. When WoW released Cata, Direct X 11 made my framerate stabilize with even higher settings than under 9. Star Wars, like 3.x WoW, is jumpy, going from 60+fps to under 20, then back again, at any graphics setting.

Not saying The Old Republic doesn't have the potential to lead the MMO pack, or isn't a good game in its own right, I just wouldn't expect it to seriously challenge World of Warcraft until it has an expansion or two under its belt. It might make WoW slow down a little for its first few months of play, due to the newness/shininess factor, but I imagine that will flip back again after WoW's next expansion.

EA has met Activision head on in the FPS market by pitting Battlefield 3 against the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 in an FPS franchise war. Now EA will take aim at the MMORPG market with SWTOR to take on its chief rival, WoW

I don't play FPS so I didn't know who was behind those titles. I did notice the battle going on between the two, which is even more interesting now knowing that it's EA vs. Activision.

I loved everything about WoW when I played it, I just moved on. I don't understand all the hate. You have to admit however it will be entertaining to see the giant fall (when it does, it has to fall one day). I have no idea if that time is now, and if it will be because of EA, but it will be an interesting battle to watch.

Nothing, absolutely nothing will overtake WoW anytime soon. SWTOR is not a revolutionary MMORPG, it's actually 99% WoW with a BioWare story (which is about Dragon Age 2 quality if you ask me). It's not awful, but it's not amazing either, more of the same. I probably will end up getting it and play for the free 30 days just for something to do, but it doesn't have that lasting appeal right now. There isn't much there for PvE enthusiasts that want to play "hardcore" and experience the end-game at it's highest level. Who knows about the future though.

Blizzard had their time on top and WILL get knocked down by SWTOR. To say that it will not happen is blind faith and nothing more.

I played WoW and it was never really that fun but more like the only choice at the time. So many others are just like me on this and have been counting on someone to screw up and create a good game ;p
Well the only game I have tested that can and will break the mold is SWTOR. Call it a "WoW" game all you want. Nothing int he game even feels like WoW. To make a statement like that shows you seemed to much smarter when you said nothing.

SWTOR has opened a new door to games that will force other companies to have to really put some time and thought into their games and stop copy and pasting everything. WoW has not had an original thought in many years. Its all copy and paste from prior games.

If you think I am wrong ... that is your choice , but after the WoW servers go empty and you go hours without seeing a single person .... guess you can still say "Never".

After having been in the trial for SW this guy could not be further from objective truth. SW has some interesting features and all of us a certain age love SW. At 13 years old it was the first movie I saw in the theater.

But this game has a very uninteresting world. The quests take you down a VERY narrow path with extremely little to explore. The story line like KOTR is pretty good but the world itself is quite boring.

The very first time I logged in to WoW the thing that drew me and others in was how large it was. There is so much to explore and so many side games from whatever else you like to do most in WoW.

I find the crafting in SW not even close to WoW.

The economics of WoW are used in college courses. SW will never be used except as how not to implement an interesting economy.

In almost every way WoW blows SW out of the water.

I really wanted that to be wrong. Like many I am not a WoW fanboi. So many of their modern decisions are about how many players they can continue to get to pay money per month rather than what might be truly new or interesting.

But SW TOR will like so many mmos since 2004 start with a flash and end with a whimper and its hard core fans begging to be allowed to run the servers themselves but being told no by George Lucas. Sound familiar?

I think you are a fanboy....if you was ever play wow vanila-you would know it was not even close to what is swtor now.I did play wow in that times,and i know what i'm talking about.You needed a months of grinding to get a pvp mount or armor,and other things like that-the crafting was rofl.Same for needed years to evolve to this state as it is todayBut we played because that was the best.So swtor is now light years better than wow-vanila.After a few years of development like wow now-it will be a mf awesome game,but it is already.And they only can mess it up if they put in space pandas!!!

By Ghosters: Blizzard had their time on top and WILL get knocked down by SWTOR. To say that it will not happen is blind faith and nothing more.

Me: Even if Blizzard lost half of their subscriptions they wouldn't get knocked down. Do you honestly believe 5 million people are going to quit playing WoW and start playing SWTOR? It's just not going to happen. Even experts in the field say maybe a million at most. That's still 9 million people walking around those empty WoW servers you were talking about.

Ghosters: I played WoW and it was never really that fun but more like the only choice at the time.

Me: You need to get out more son.

Ghosters: Call it a "WoW" game all you want. Nothing int he game even feels like WoW.

Me: Quest chains, epic gear. good guys, bad guys........glad that doesn't feel like WoW.

Ghosters: SWTOR has opened a new door to games that will force other companies to have to really put some time and thought into their games and stop copy and pasting everything.

Me: Lets hope so.

Ghosters:If you think I am wrong ... that is your choice , but after the WoW servers go empty and you go hours without seeing a single person .... guess you can still say "Never".

Me: Walking through Goldshire. It's deserted. Or so I thought. Chuck Norris is lying face down in the bar, drunk. Mr. T hanging from a tree. Ozzy, rocking back and forth, sucking his thumb, mumbling incoherent messages of evil to himself,and Shattner, boldly going where no man has gone before.....a hot orc's dressing room. I "never" say "never" but i do say "some day", just not today.

Your right Turk, SWTOR didnt knok down WoW the first of the month. Tomorrow, when those lucky few get to play SWTOR's early access, that day, WoW will still be on top. Hell, on the 20th when SWTOR officialy come out WoW will still be sitting pretty on its throne.

I do have a feeling that SWTOR will not only appeal to hard core MMO gamers. SWTOR may appeal to anyone who has ever seen a Star Wars film (Hopefully not the last 3... that my repel them.), who may not have got on the MMO band waggon and will try SWTOR because it's fricken STAR WARS.

So, because SWTOR and WoW share some of the same elements from other MMORPGs, RPGs, and PC games that makes it a WoW knok off?

I wonder how long affter these celebritys were payed for the WoW commercials actualy continued to play... or does Blizzerd pay them to play or give them free access just so they can up there numbers in fans hoping to see these celebritys.

So, your right, SWTOR will not "steal" WoW players all at once, however, SWTOR is doing something that will grab gamers and fans of Star Wars attention. So, it wont be today, it wont be tomorrow, I may be wrong and WoW may never fall... or, like you said; "some day" in the future, SWTOR will be the next standard for MMOs.

everything in swtor reminds of wow even the talent tree that you start to get at level 10 lmao and the spells and they UI is almost identical...

Swtors crafting system and pvp sucks balls like hellso boring you want to puke for months...i played the first month but i would never pay for another month for swtor...

Swtor was one of the worst mmorpg i even tried and even korean mmorpgs rocks more then this one, alot of people just play swtor because it has the name "star wars", without star wars it wouldnt survive at all.


I participated in the latest TOR BETA testing and 2 of the servers were ever open at one time. The rest were full with 20 minute or more ques to get in as people were saying.

PVP was near balance in the beta stage. On high the graphics were good and below high they are still better than WoW's and it has a cleaner interface than wow as well as epic story with full voice acting and decision making. WOW has choose your race and class and thats it. No choices, no voice acting, no epic story with any indication taht your making a difference.

Through the Bounty hunters origin world of Nal hutta there were i think 3 grind quests total where as in wow all you do is kill and collect from killing mobs with little reward. The crafting in TOR is amazing compared to wows tedious proffessions.

Im a stalwart Fan of Knights of the old republic, Bioware games, and Star wars so I suppose my oppinion is Biased but i played wow since TBC 2007 off and on and that game has become such a shell of its former glory and the PVE content was never that great in my oppinion.

Also I would like to point out in TOR there are less cookie cutter buildings better customization and better quests. How is it not better than wow?

Will it kill World of warcraft? No it will not but it will strike a heavy blow to Blizzards once great MMO non RPG because a better choice has presented itself.

want to talk profitability? Sure. Well bored players of Runescape, Guildwars, WOW, LOTR, and other MMOS like age of conan will most likely at least try STOR and many more star wars fans especially those that played or play Star wars galaxies will convert to wow with galaxies nearing its end.

SWTOR will fail.... It's just WoW in space. It will take alot of WoW's subs but those people will quit really fast. In 3 months the only ones that will still play SWTOR are the die-hard fanboys who roleplay with lightsabers irl.

I love how people like you state this and you have not even played the game. Your statement has no real grounds other then a troll action.


Whats wrong mommy wont buy you the game? how sad you will be missed! NOT...

Good to see my opinion doesn't matter. After getting trapped in the spam filter, Whats the point of being able to report it if it's ignored?

Why is everything I post going straight to the spam filters?

It's my understanding TOR has something like 2 million in preorders already. (Around a million from store tracking, plus origin/direct orders.)
Obviously, not all will keep playing after the free month, but there is an assumption of at least a large percentage playing for a while.
Add that to whoever gets this for Christmas, birthdays, mainstream Star Wars fans who see it and pick it up for the IP, and I assume just the novelty will assure it's success for a while to come.
Will this kill WOW?
I think WOW will kill WOW. Nobody wants to add Kung Fu panda bear to their group. And WOW is OLD.
This will draw in new fans, a new breed of players, leech some players from other games, and pull in casual gamers there for the story.
Also keep in mind the power that KOTOR probably has on all this. It was developed by the same team, set in the same universe, has the same writers, and in 2010 was rated by IGN as the third best game of the last ten years. It sold over a million copies on XBOX alone. (Not counting PC Sales.)
It would take a LOT for this game to fail.

I wish people would understand that WoW doesn't have 12 million North American/European subs, their numbers are grossly inflated by a Chinese player-base that pays pennies on the dollar. 7 years is a long time to lead the pack and its obvious that folks are itching for a change. Many of the former hardcore guilds I have played in are shutting their doors for SW:TOR and I know its not an anomaly.

Time will tell, but I think its a foregone conclusion that WoW won't be the top dog much longer. The ridiculous comments the fan base is making are just like the ones that we made in EQ when we saw the writing on the wall in 04/05.

The real secret here, and the thing that people can't seem to get through their heads is this; you can play more than one MMOG. Hell, you can even like Coke AND Pepsi (I just blew your mind didn't I?). They aren't like women, they don't get upset when you spend a little time inside another one.

Even though I have canceled all my WoW subs, I may still go back and play it someday - especially with all the free gametime they keep emailing me, and I will play SWTOR and Rift and EQ2 and enjoy them all.

I think SWTOR will take players from wow. I played wow for 7 years off and on and enjoy raiding but to be is getting stale in presentation and it is time for a change. The whole Panda expansion is not something I am looking forward to.

I played the beta of SWTOR and I am like the deeper story and feel of a single player rpg that is not. Will it cripple WoW WoW is doing that by itself as people are losing interest.

The engine in wow is old. The gameplay is old. The game was fun and a move forward for this type of gaming but for most of us we will be gone in a year at best. Titan...who konws what that is.

Besides, I love Star Wars and am sick of Night Elves and Orcs.....

I can agree with this. You point out facts that I missed. Good post dude.

I just cancelled my WOW subscription (played 3 years) due to total class imblance...preordered the deluxe SWTOR package a few weeks ago. SWTOR is the wave of the future & WoW will slowly fade into the annals of history as the first true MMORPG that once owned over 66% of the market share...panda bears, really>>>>JOKE

They will maintain 25% of the market after the dust settles. This is still a good chunk & believe they will hover here until they fizzle out...I believe SWTOR will peak at about 40-45% market share within 5 years, my opinion as requested in the article!

I'm totally hooked on SW:TOR with a level 15 Jedi Knight!!

class imbalance? oh how bout swtor pvp, lvl 40's going up against lvl 15's. mmo's will ALWAYS feel unbalanced to one player or another. You can't keep everyone happy.


lets face it, its just another new fad, anyone who's played any mmorpg and invested a bit of time and effort into it will get bored at some point or another. They go play some other game that's now interesting, and you swap variously through many different games, WoW has a majority of subscribers because its the most famous brand of them all. How many users simply play to be part of the community because their friends play it and they don't know their are other games available? How many play it because its the first game they tried and liked?

SWTOR will not "steal" WoW members, quite a few will try it out since its new, and go back to WoW eventually or alternate between the 2. You can't say that SWTOR will kill WoW because people are creatures of habit and will always go back to the familiar. It is nice however that their is a real big brand name alternative to WoW. With both vying for new members or trying to entice members from the competition we can only hope that more thought will be put into updates/expansions by the game developers.

SWTOR had a successful opening on the strength of the starwars name. But I see them all diminishing in the future although huge profits will be made. Personally I feel like the tank, damage, healer formula has long grown stale. It'd be nice to have an mmo that didn't feel like a numbers game. Maybe something that required skill from the player rather than stats. Eve comes to mind when it comes to a player run world but even that still comes down to stats, among other problems. MMO's have the potential to do some really great things but are being stifled creatively by following the same proven formula. And with all the money being made off that formula...who can blame them?

SWTOR may not be the major contender for wow EA would like it to be, but it's still going to take a big bite that Blizzard aren't going to like. SWTOR will have already made profits by the end of the year if you think logically, the game is estimated to have cost $200 million, which at present time is £126,653,085.12

I haven't seen exact figure but I have heard that over 200,000 collectors editions where sold, which would be 10% of the pre order figures and I personally think they will have sold many more than this. Here in the uk a collectors edition generally cost £129.00, that means from CE's alone they made almost £25.8 million back, the normal addition cost £44.00. So that's £79,200,000 (these figures arent exact but are the best I could find with a search, this company will be publicly traded so someone with the relevant experience could look into the accounts for more exact figures.) However when added together the money taken on game sales there would be £105,000,000 BEFORE anyone even starts paying a subscription of £8.00 a month, which is the magical figure that WOW uses, and therefore to be competitive everyone else uses the exact same figure.
Now they are going to have further development costs, and maintenance costs. but if they end up with a 2 million player base for their market (which is possible), each paying on average about £8.00 a month then in twelve months they should take £192,000,000

add the sales figures with a years worth of subscriptions and you get £297,000,000 which when converted back to dollars is $469,169,031.52

That would be a positive income from development of $269,169,031.52, of course there will be further development and maintenance costs. Lucas will take his cut, so will phone centres and support companies. But still if they don't make a profit at the end of this year and their user base stays at 2 million or more I'd be having someone look very carefully at the books. Lets face it MMO's make money and that's why they where willing to let the bill run up so high above first estimates... they knew they'd make it back after a year and probably the costs of running it for the next 5 years as well and then they'd have pure profit from then on.

I can say that after launch of the game and the amount of exploits and hacks being used , the game will lose a rather large amount of players if this is not fixed. I know people claim that they are working on it but their "Known Issues" has not listed anything about exploits or dealing with those who keep exploiting. In open PvP you will fight and win against a group , just to have them use an exploit , stand up (Full Health) and continue to attack. They do this till they win. Second is an Exploit for WarZones that they use to Proc a Larger group Queued into the WZ (8 player cap) and you end up with 9-16 people on 1 team vs 8.
Or there is the wonderful speed hack that is used and a player can run from the south side of Ilum to the north in seconds. The people I run with all recorded the names and videos to prove these cheats and all we get from customer support is automated replies and nothing is done. All of our tickets filed on this were blanked out and left open.

I went to the forums with this and posted links and had my post removed. This is EA customer support that we all love to hate. Anything written or recorded means they have to deal with it , so delete the posts and the problems goes away. Poor customer service and they claim "We are listening to our players".
EA will be the end of BioWare if they do not do something about this.
I guess the failed games of old have did not teach them a thing about how people will leave a game for poor service and/or not listening to the players. Its sad but true and this game is following perfectly int he footsteps of the failed games of past. I hope they can pull their head out of their ass and fix this. But till they finally do , this game is heading to fail.

I'm sorry but unless you have posted in the wrong section your reports for bugs will be there, I myself have posted bugs in the correct section of the forums and they are still there to this day, they have a poorly organised sort system on their forum which means that the newest posts are always at the top and there is a lack of organisation and search function but I don't see things being deleted and i recommend you search again, as for the bugs you've mentioned most of them have been dealt with in the patches over the past two weeks. the larger group exploit was dealt with after a few days. and if you're playing at the moment you'll see that most if not all the bugs you've mentioned are now dealt with, so where's your problem? Bad customer service and they're releasing patches every 2-3 days to fix up any bugs they find?
They seem to be having a fairly successful launch tbh, most games that launch don't have their initial bugs fixed and worked out for months afterwards. as for hacks, well it's rediculous, there are exploits being used but no one's 'Hacking' their game to gain an advantage, and since launch i haven't seen any exploits used more by one side than the other really and with those in particular having been dealt with I haven't seen any in about a week or more.

I have never seen anyone use this speed hack, which is why I was unaware. If so it will be dealt with asap, most of the other bugs you mentioned HAVE been dealt with and yet you've focused on this one in particular. Which as i'm unaware of it i cant be sure if it's still happening or not at the time of this post. as for the Forum posts which i originally mentioned (but you chose to omit from your reply) there's an entire bug report section, and although the forum is poorly organised in the way it sorts posts most posts remain there, mine certainly are.

...But i guess as long as you focus on the one statement that was wrong, blow it up out of proportion and attack someone's comments as being 100% BS, everyone should just take your word for it huh?

if people, want to make an informed choice and then see for themselves how 'bad' the problems are there are two ways, do some research and you can make an informed choice, or play the game and find out for themselves that way. I'm pretty happy with TOR right now, but I don't PVP constantly, i prefer to raid, so my experience is a good one. this guys isn't as a guess?

/stuck has not been fix after people die (self rez full health)and the exploit for more then 8 people queued on has also not been fixed. I am not sure where you are getting you information on these being fixed but you might want to question this source a hell of a lot more.

I am seeing people claim fixes that have not been dealt with at all and as a customer , we have the right to DEMAND these type of things fixed. I can make as many videos and screen shots as you want but these are not fixed.

SWTOR is far surpassing wow and as somone else said no sane adult want to play with bloody pandas

SWTOR is failing. A large amount of the servers are showing less and less people online and the forums have exploded with people canceling over the FPS issues , exploits , cheats and hacks. Their customer service has been about as worthless as I have seen yet. They reply to peoples tickets telling them to send more info and then close the tickets.(Cannot reply to a closed ticket)
Or they do not reply at all and just simply close the tickets.

The Exploits rule the game and people are running around in full battle master gear when they got it by using exploits and or hacks to kill so many people. out of all the exploits they have in the game the /stuck is still active and used openly. Items and valor should be taken from those who have used this exploit but nothing happens.
The forum mods are deleting posts by people who are not happy even if they are within the bounds of what they post. If you pretend there is no problem then I guess it will go away?? Well the problems have not gone away but a very large amount of customers have......The point to the game is lost.
PvE is also broken at lvl 50. Often the flash points will bug out and bosses will enrage , 1 shot killing people within 1-2 mins of the fight starting.(Also reported and zero reply)Or the boss will vanish till he does enrage and appear to 1 shot the team.

You do not feel like you are playing a BioWare game but more like its a free online beta test from some small unknown company. My guild and I have all canceled our subs. No point in paying for a broken game that has a very bad customer support setup that does nothing to punish exploit/cheaters.
I had high hopes for this game but to be honest it is fail. They seem to be following all the fail games of old (Star Trek , LOTR , D&D , Rift , AoC , and the list goes on) by not listening to their customer base and letting exploits rule the game without punishing those who use them.

Fun game till 50 then it is 100% fail.

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