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Guide to Advanced Class Selection in The Old Republic

By Reuben Waters -

Easily the most frequently asked question throughout the beta for new players in The Old Republic, weÂ’ve put together a short guide to provide all you need to know about how to select your advanced class. The process itself is relatively simple, but weÂ’ve also included some tips and related information that all new players should be aware of before making their advanced class decisions.

As soon as you complete your final class quest on one of the four origin worlds (Hutta, Korriban, Tython, or Ord Mantell) you will be given a quest that sends you to your factionÂ’s Fleet Station.

Before heading out, however, you will want to be at or very close to level 10. Completing all available quests (including Heroic quests) on the origin worlds will put you just over the level 10 mark. If you havenÂ’t completed the Heroic quests yet, they are all easily manageable once you obtain your first Companion if youÂ’re unable, or choose not to find a group for them.

While itÂ’s entirely possible to complete your origin world class quests and head to the fleet station as early as level 7 in some cases, IÂ’d advise against it as explained in the following step in the advanced class selection process.

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