TESO "Ask Us Anything" Fields Questions on Combat

Posted Mon, Mar 11, 2013 by Martuk

Zenimax devs took to the web this week to field more questions from the community about combat in The Elder Scrolls Online (TESO). The devs answer questions relating to soft lock attacking, counter attacks, leveling up in PvP, shared rewards for killing, and more.

One answer posted was in response to a question about the holy trinity (tank, healer, dps), which the response was a posted email from an internal tester to the team.

Yesterday in the lunchtime dungeon test, our group of four (all at level 12) included:

·  1 Templar with light armor and healing staff, abilities focusing on healing
·  1 Templar with light armor and dual wield, Templar abilities focusing on healing
·  1 Dragonknight with light armor and destruction staff
·  1 Sorcerer with heavy armor and dual wield

This was with no real consultation with each other while making characters, other than ensuring there was at least one healer. For the sake of the dungeon we really could have used a true tank (the closest we had was the sorcerer wearing heavy armor and using unstable familiar to get the monster’s attention, with no real “keep myself alive” abilities), but as a group we were (eventually) able to take down the Fungal Grotto bosses. More to the point, with four players making independent choices in abilities and gear, three of the four made builds that defied the standard templates – and yet felt perfectly viable in actual play. The players were each able to build a character to their own taste with class abilities as a supplement, rather than the rigid defining aspect to the character, and have effective characters.

There are plenty more answers in this week’s “Ask Us Anything”, so head over and check them out for yourself.

Source: TESO Ask Us Anything

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