Lead Massive Entertainment Devs Reveal More About The Division

Lead Game Designer Mathias Karlson and Design Director Axel Rydby field questions on the upcoming pandemic world of Tom Clancy’s The Division.

Massive EntertainmentÂ’s Lead Game Designer Mathias Karlson and Design Director Axel Rydby sat down for a chat at the end of November to answer more questions about the upcoming post-pandemic stricken world of Tom ClancyÂ’s The Division. While some of the questions discussed have been answered in the past, the team also touched on some other aspects of the game such as the immersion and balancing the RPG elements in a shooter type game, the importance of a good co-op experience, communication, and the open-world setting of a disaster-stricken New York following the collapse of society.

One question asked that led to an answer that only leads to more speculation was about the possibility of using vehicles. The answer given by Axel Rydby is one that could mean that fuel may be a limited resource in the game, one of which youÂ’ll have to decide how to use it. Would you use it for a power generator, clean water, or to fuel a car? Without confirming anything, that does pose an interesting dynamic to the survival aspect. ThatÂ’s assuming itÂ’s a planned feature and not just speculation. In any case, you can watch the full video below.

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