The War Z's Executive Producer Talks Weapons, Tech and More

By Stacy Jones -

PC Gamer managed to track down The War Z Executive Producer Sergey Titov to get a few more details about Hammerpoint InteractiveÂ’s ambitious zombie-infested open-world project and what exactly the game is.

The War Z is first and foremost a game of survival. Your goal is not necessarily to hunt zombies, or unlock achievements, or shoot anyone. Your goal is to explore the world and survive. ItÂ’s up to you if you want to work to rebuild society or destroy it and we really donÂ’t set hardcore goals for you to achieve.

Titov goes on to explain that players can play in first and third-person modes and that The War Z will be similar to an MMO in that it will feature a persistent world, but there will not traditional quests or missions. Instead, players will focus more on survival and building your own experience in a sandbox filled with zombies, right down to how lighting affects the human eye.

Read the full interview over at PC Gamer to learn more about the weapons, tech and skills in The War Z along with a few new screenshots.

Source: PC Gamer

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