New details have emerged today about a game genre near and dear to my heart – survival horror filled with zombies. New details for The War Z (not to be confused with the popular ARMA II mod DayZ) have emerged via IGN. The title is being referred to as an zombie survival horror MMO set in a post-apocalyptic world and seems to be similar in some ways to what Undead Labs may be driving for with Class4. The devs have even taken some late design inspiration from the DayZ mod given its popularity.

Some of the details about the game include: big open worlds to explore, Normal and Hardcore modes of play, strong roleplaying elements, up to 250 players on a game server and a lot more. Players may be more deadly than the flesh-eating undead if the following statement from Hammerpoint Interactive Senior Game Designer Eric Nordin about a feature allowing players to call for help and reward anyone that answers is any indication.

This alone can create some interesting scenarios – for example one time one of our engineers posted that he needed a zombie vaccine and he would give a very rare scope for an assault rifle in exchange. So he did this to test new code. The person who responded showed up and killed the poor bastard and looted his body. BUT, then he ended up being killed by another guy that came to help.

The PvP aspect of The War Z will certainly be something to watch. As for the payment model, players will need to pay a one-time fee of $29.99 for the game at launch with likely discounts for pre-orders and optional convenience items via an in-game store, but nothing that will impact game balance or improve weaponry.

The War Z is currently in internal alpha testing and is expected to begin closed beta later this summer with launch targeting this fall. Visit The War Z website to register for the closed beta.

Source: IGN

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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