Rumor: Details on Blizzard’s Project Titan Reportedly Leaked

A new rumored leak of Blizzard’s Project Titan emerges to with game setting details, eSports, and more.

LetÂ’s go ahead and say it now, this is a rumor until confirmed by Blizzard, so take everything that follows with a grain of salt.

Website Titan Focus has posted new details about Blizzard’s upcoming Project Titan reportedly leaked from “someone with firsthand info.” The reportedly leaked details if true are very telling of Titan’s plot and focus of development.

The report claims that Titan is set in a universe based on EarthÂ’s history but includes time travel and a high amount of fiction that may have such names as Richard A. Knaak attached. Elements from Warcraft are said to be featured as mostly Easter Eggs but it could also include the full import of characters from the Warcraft universe. The game is also said to include heavy use of Greek and Roman myths with weapons of all kinds and magic at the playerÂ’s disposal.

Gameplay rumors indicated that it plays in third-person with first-person views in “events”, which were not elaborated on. Former Diablo III Game Director Jay Wilson is said to be attached and that there will be a focus on developing the project with eSports in mind.

ThereÂ’s plenty more that you can read over at Titan Focus. Just remember, take it with a grain of sale for now. Rumors have a funny way of becoming both fact and fiction.

Source: Titan Focus

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