Transformers Universe Beta Coming "very soon"

Posted Tue, Aug 09, 2011 by Martuk

Jagex’s Transformers Universe could be headed to beta “very soon” according to Executive Producer Kris Jones. Speaking with Eurogamer, Jones talked up the game’s targeted 2012 launch and hinted that the beta isn’t very far away.

The project was signed in February according to Jones and since then a development team of 55 has been working on the game using a modified version of the RuneScape engine. The team is taking some inspiration from recent cartoon series like Transformers – Prime and Jones notes that Hasbro has been willing to allow them a great deal of exploration with more than 11,000 characters, but that you aren’t likely to see a pink Optimus Prime in a tu-tu.

Check out the full interview at Eurogamer.


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