Your Guide to The Secret World Beta Weekend

Another beta weekend for The Secret World is approaching! Ten Ton Hammer has been hitting the TSW press beta hard so we can prepare you to make the most of your weekend adventure with the game.

When the next beta weekend arrives on June 15th, many will be entering The Secret World for the first time to explore the world within our own where conspiracies, legends and horrors are no longer confined to nightmares but have become the stuff of reality. Are you ready? The Ten Ton Hammer editors and staff have been hitting The Secret World hard in order to prepare you to make the most of your short weekend with the game.


The Secret World The Secret World Savage Coast Preview
We take you on a whirlwind tour of The Savage Coast, the second major map that awaits players in The Secret World.
The Secret World The Secret World Blue Mountain Preview
Continuing our preview series for The Secret World, we take a closer look at the third and final zone of Solomon Island, the Blue Mountain.
The Secret World Hands-On Dungeon Preview - The Polaris
Ten Ton Hammer ventured into The Polaris to dungeon crawl with Funcom's Tor Andersen. What we uncovered was no "newbie" experience--dungeons in The Secret World are tough! Our preview and video detail how tough.


The Secret World Killing it in Kingsmouth - 20 Tips for The Secret World
You’ve read the hands-on previews; now it’s time to learn the things you need to know before you get your own hands on The Secret World beta and venture into Kingsmouth. The Secret World isn't your standard MMO--go in prepared!
The Secret World The Tao of TSW - A Guide to the Ability Wheel
Channeling the wisdom of Sun Tzu Wu, we dug into The Ability Wheel in the TSW press beta so we could demystify the system and prepare you to create powerful builds of your own in beta and beyond.
The Secret World Polaris Dungeon Walk-Through Video
The Polaris is the first dungeon you'll encounter if you begin your adventure in the Illuminati starting area of Kingsmouth. It's a tricky beast that requires special tactics, so you'll want to check out our walk-through video and enter prepared.
The Secret World Hell Rising Dungeons Walkthrough
We're on a highway to Hell! Or, in other words, we've been to Hell and back so we could bring you a preview, plus plenty of tips and tricks, to prepare you for your journey into the depths of Hell via a motel room in The Savage Coast.
The Secret World Darkness War Dungeon Walkthrough
Ten Ton Hammer ventured to the edge of the abyss to bring back the ancient secrets of a 1000 year old war in The Secret World's Darkness War dungeon. We share our tips for tackling some of the toughest boss encounters yet.

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