MMO Report takes on the usual suspects.

The G4 MMO Report has become a weekly staple in my MMO diet, and I'd recommend that you tune in and spend four minutes or so looking back at the last week's news and getting a chuckle or two, sometimes at your own expense.

This week, Casey takes on the Cryptic acquisition by Atari by using the term table scraps while offering up a dig at NCsoft. Showing that he's not completely full of venom, Casey gives props to Mythic's Mark Jacobs for tabling any Warhammer Online expansion until the core game runs as intended. Back on track, Casey wonders if Richard Bartle might be having a senior moment and then walks through his version of the Age of Conan downturn.

Moving on, the report reiterates the Star Wars: The Old Republic commitment to story telling and players' choice while bounding through the epic locations of Star Wars. Last but not least, Casey asks the US Army "WT$%?" is it doing opening two locations in Second Life. My only conclusion is that the NASCAR sponsorship must not have worked as well as they hoped, so they're turning to the online equivelant.

Tune in to watch the rest of the video and get some sound advice about office holiday parties at G4 MMO Report.

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016