At SOE Fan Faire 2010, Ten Ton Hammer was pleased to get a first look
at two PvP maps for style="font-style: italic;">The Agency
with commentary by Lead Designer Rory McGuire. The two maps shown are
for the Black Abbey and the La Signora Grande Casino, both located in
Venice, Italy. While the maps are gorgeous, the commentary by Rory
McGuire gives us a lot of details of the upcoming style="font-style: italic;">The Agency.

Personally, all the talk of various spy groups keys me up for the
upcoming release. Chinese Triads and old spies composed of ex-members
of the KGB, CIA, and British Intelligence, oh my! The fact that one
group has a stealth sub hidden within the old abbey just screams
Hollywood style spy action.

Rory McGuire also touches on the various classes and their abilities
within the game. The fact that the leader type can overheal somebody
and give them more hit points than they normally would have seems to be
an ability tailor made to boost those grunts leading an assault. The
video also shows quite a few of the firearms used in the game along
with commentary of the various ways you can customize your gun. My
favorite cosmetic customization is the “Plisken,”
which is a snakeskin covering for your firearm.


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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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