The Agency Senior Game Designer Kevin O'Hara had a mission if he chose to accept it: sneak into the Bergerbilder Estate and photograph the security measures, then get out alive. With the help of two SOE game developers, he hacked the security grid and sneaked through the laser gates and past the guards into the estate. Then our character quickly donned their "alias" eveningwear, gliding through the soirée crowd and distracting the guards to get close enough to take an in-focus and properly framed photographs of the security setup. All was going smoothly, then came quite a twist, courtesy of the evil Das Kommittee's Dr. Kessler.

If you've been waiting for a top to bottom overview of the upcoming espionage-fueled MMO's core co-op gameplay and more hints about how the game ties together into a massively online experience, you'll find it in this action-packed 15 minute E3 2009 video demo of The Agency!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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