Video of the Day: The Sights and Sounds of ArcheAge

Take a look at some incredible sights, from siege battles to hang gliders, while listening to the sweeping ArcheAge theme music in this new Korean trailer.
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I see trees of green, red roses too, they...whoa! WTF?

The Korean version of ArcheAge got a gorgeous new trailer that is apparently also the game's login screen. [Source: Steparu] It features the game's sweeping main theme music by yoonsang, complete with a synth-vox choir ala James Horner's Titanic score.

It also shows off some pretty impressive scenery. (Is it a coincidence that the Titanic sounds occur right when we're seeing underwater ruins? Just sayin'.) But there's more than scenery in this video, it has massive siege battles, awe-inspiring dragons, and... kart racing on the beach? Really? Awesome! And what's that underwater steam punk swordfish jet ski thing? I need one of those!

And also...I need a hang glider. (Doesn't everyone?) I haven't seen anything to indicate that this is in-game footage, but I'm betting strongly on it. Unlike the recent ArcheAge trailer, this doesn't look like CGI, although it is pretty amazing.

If the video piqued your interest, then go sign up for the ArcheAge beta. Localizing a huge game like ArcheAge will take some time, but the North American closed beta lies somewhere in the not-too-distant future.

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