Video of the Day: Buy a Star Citizen Spacecraft

Fans of Star Citizen and shiny things and crowd funding, here's a deal for you. Now, you can own your own virtual spacecraft. Until some jackhole blows it up.
Ten Ton Hammer Video of the Day

Because everyone likes shiny things that go fast...

You know those European sports car ads you drool over, imagining what it would be like to tear up some curvy backroad in your shiny new toy? Well, you ain't seen nothin' yet. Cloud Imperium Games tempts fans of Star Citizen with drool-worthy shinies of another kind. Check out their "commercial" for the ORIGIN Jumpworks 300 Series spacecraft.

Now, maybe shinies lose their appeal when they're virtual, living only in a video. I mean, it's not like you can go to the local spacecraft show and run your hands over the 300 Series while a scantily clad model poses and primps and some uptight salesman runs around buffing out fingerprints with a Sham Wow. Or can you? This spacecraft commercial (rendered entirely in-engine, by the way, and representing an actual game model) is a promotion to encourage pledges for the crowd funded Star Citizen, which means you can pre-order this ship and at least dream of piloting it virtually when Star Citizen launches.

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