Video of the Day: Hands-on with WildStar at E3

Posted Wed, Jun 19, 2013 by Shayalyn

Ten Ton Hammer Video of the Day

Hey there, Cupcake!

If you're not cool enough to be able to go to events like E3 (we are, and we've just released our Best of E3 Awards), you can at least peer over the shoulder of a guy from Guild Umbra as he tests WildStar for the first time. And, if you're impatient like me, you can also yell at him (it's futile, but somehow cathartic) to get it together already and just go kill something, for the love of...

Anyhow, watch the video.

That dude's annoying, right? But still, you got a glimpse of WildStar character creation, and you watched three blue space caribou die a violent death and then be consumed by vultures. (That's cool, innit?) You also got to feel superior, knowing that you'll play so much better and figure things out so much quicker than the guy in the video. All in all, not a bad 10 minutes.

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At least they guy has good taste in names (Lord Hammer)!

True enough. He has that going for him. Which is nice.

To be fare he has a mic in his hand, is using a different keyboard, the mouse is inverted, give him a break, you're just jealous you didn't get to play :). He knows what he is doing and figures out why he is having problems pretty quickly. So much hate on the internet these days.

Sorry, Ripteye. Just poking a little harmless fun. I realize all too well that E3 isn't the sort of environment that's conducive to a great hands-on test experience. And you're right, the inverted mouse would've tripped me up, too. I mostly wanted to feature the video because it does give a good look at the new character experience for WildStar.

Understood, but don't kill the messenger its pointless. Be thankful he put in the work to get a couple minutes of game-play out there for all of us to enjoy.

So you bash the guy, than use his video on your site? Wow. Ignorant. IMHO i think it was a great video.

Let me guess. You guys are from Guild Umbra and you're butthurt because you got poked fun of, right? Get over it. Your video is featured, and you can't even take a little ribbing? It's possible you're not cut out for this online gaming thing.

By the way, I liked the video footage. And I wouldn't have seen it if not for this. I read the teasing as lighthearted kidding around.

Cool story bro.


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