Gear Eye for the WoW Guy - Issue 5

Posted Tue, Aug 02, 2011 by Messiah

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Welcome, to the fifth edition of our column here at called Gear Eye for the WoW Guy. In it Byron "Messiah" Mudry takes a look at a character that needs some help in the game. He then gives that player a complete gear makeover in an attempt to get them moving on to new content in the game. Sometimes that advise is slight upgrades, sometimes a full scale redo for those that are completely lost. Tune in each week to learn the tuning tips that will help you stand out from the average player.

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Of course there are two big tools that are needed to be able to check out a player and make useful recommendations. The first of those tools is an in depth knowledge of the game, specifically the classes, mechanics, best stats, best gear, enchants, gems, and more. This isn't something that everyone has for the first little while that they play the game or even for the first while after they hit the level cap.

The second major tool is PlayerScore, which luckily is available and usable by anyone and hosted right here on our network. You can find search for your own character and see how you stack up by visiting the PlayerScore site.

Our Victim

This week I have a request for some help from a retired Navy man that has been playing forever, but never really put a lot of serious time in. He now has some more time and wants to dig deeper into the game to upgrade his gear, play some new content, and of course just kill some time.

Pdar Playerscore

Pdar is looking to turn into a serious tank, and has done some good work already.

His character of choice is a Warrior that he would like to tank with. He has apparently been doing the PVP thing, but now wants to move on to PVE and tanking. His gear has come from quests and the auction house, but needs some help.

A look at Pdar on the WoW Armory

The character that I am looking at is Pdar from the Kul Tiras server. Even before talking to him I liked the character as a choice as there is a lot of work to do. This character also matches a lot of what I see when starting to run instances at max level in dungeon finder groups.

Many players want to start tanking and get some tank gear, and then start tanking while half equipped. Sure they have some tank gear, and may be able to halfway manage it, but are really missing a lot. Pdar is actually better than most since he has some very good gear in quite a few slots. However it is still mixed in with some very poor gear.

The issue is that some of the gear is DPS based instead of tank based. Even though it is good DPS gear, it makes very poor tank gear, and you would probably be better off with some cheap green tank gear instead of epic DPS gear.

You can find Pdar's PlayerScore information here: Pdar's PlayerScore, remember however that it will change over time compared to what is listed here. This is due to PlayerScore constantly being updated to reflect any new gear, achievements and anything else that happens as Pdar plays and upgrades or changes gear.

Either way, at the current gear arrangement you may be able to get away with tanking some of the level 85 instances, but probably not heroics, and defiantly not the troll heroics. Anything above a normal level 85 instance and my guess is Healers will have a hell of a time keeping you alive through a fight.

So, the first priority should be replacing all the DPS gear with tank gear. Even downgrading to green items with tank stats is preferable in many cases. After that then it is time to fine tune. I’m going to look both here, but the DPS replacement takes priority.

Before looking at gear though, let’s start by looking at stat priority so that we know what we are looking for and why on gear.

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