Top 10 Easiest Achievements in World of Warcraft

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Earning achievements is something that is either loved or scorned by the World of Warcraft community. For those that love them it can become close to an obsession or be simply a way to spend some down time between other important events. But for those just entering the world of achievements, things can be a little scary, especially when faced with some of the more daunting achievements out there.

To make things just a little less intimidating we here at Ten Ton Hammer have put together a list of the top 10 easiest to get achievements in World of Warcraft and I’m not just talking the super simple ones that my five year old could complete (although there very well may be a few of them as well). And now without further adieu, your list of the top 10 easiest to obtain achievements:

Shave and a Haircut

Visit a Barber Shop and get your hair cut.

If you’re a hardy adventurer like I am, then you probably get a little scruffy from time to time. So what better way to feel refreshed than getting a fresh new haircut and hey while your at it why not pick up an achievement along the way? Sweet deal right? To obtain this achievement players simply need to seek out a Barber Shop which can be found in the following locations:

  • Trade District, Stormwind City 
  • The Commons, Ironforge 
  • Cleft of Shadow, Orgrimmar 
  • Trade Quarter, Undercity 
  • Area 52, Netherstorm 
  • Cosmowrench, Netherstorm 
  • Dalaran

Once there sit down in the chair, choose your new style, empty your pockets of some coin, and prepare yourself for a spiffy new haircut. Once completed you will earn the above achievement with little to no work at all. Also in case you were wondering...Roger Rabbit will not burst out of the wall regardless of how many times you tap this tune on the wall.

Make Love, Not Warcraft

Emote /hug on a dead enemy before they release corpse.

Ever feel a hint of remorse after smiting your enemies on the field of battle and want to say sorry? Well show them how you really feel by using the /hug emote on their cold dead corpses BEFORE they release from their corpse. To make this a little simpler binding /hug to a macro ensures that you can get your /hug off before your foe can flee from your loving grasp. Complete this action just once and you will gain the above achievement for your efforts!

To All The Squirrels I've Loved Before

Show the critters of Azeroth how much you /love them.

Who doesn’t love squishy cutsie little critters, especially those found in Azeroth. Gain an easy achievement by wandering from zone to zone showing your appreciation to these often forgotten, but important members of the animal kingdom. To complete this achievement simply seek out each of the critters listed and use the /love emote on them. This achievement is especially easy with the addition of more flight points than most people know what to do with in Cataclysm. Because of the travel required for this achievement players may find themselves bored. Spice things up by making a special macro:

/cast [insert spell of choice here]

Using the above macro you can literally love your target to death and we all know you can't get much better than that! Check out the list of critters below for an idea of what you are up against:

Squirrel Borean Frog
Chicken Shore Crab
Ewe Small Frog
Hare Rabbit
Sheep Swine
Prairie Dog Steam Frog
Cat Cow
Deer Fawn
Gazelle Parrot
Ram Skunk

Don't forget that if you enjoyed earning this achievement there are two other similar achievements currently available in game: To All The Squirrels Who Shared My Life and To All the Squirrels Who Cared for Me.

Going Down?

Fall 65 yards without dying.

If you are like me and have fallen off every ledge in the entire game at least once (who knew one could be clutzy in real life AND in game) then there is a good chance that you will earn this achievement without even trying. If you tend to avoid randomly falling off things, then its time you start! This achievement can be completed by the player falling from any height of at least 65 yards without getting squished like a pancake. Some excellent places to complete this achievement include the Lumbermill in Arathi Basin, the 2nd tier of Wyrmrest Temple in Dragonblight, or the Scryer’s Tier in Shattrath. Bring along some a Heavy Frostweave Bandage or an Embersilk Bandage to use immediately after and you may also gain the Ultimate Triage achievement to make this a simple double whammy!


Equip a tabard.

Possibly the easiest achievement in game the player simply cannot fail. All you need to do is equip a tabard and I mean ANY tabard whether it be guild, PvP, or faction based. Do this and you will complete this achievement for an easy 10 points in the achievement bank. A must complete for every player.

Nice idea for a list, but it seems like you just randomly threw up achievs, rather then found the easiest. World explorer? Come on. I've been playing since the start, have multiple 85s with at least 4k achiev score, and don't believe I have that one on any of them. The pest control/squirrels ones is a pain as well. You'll accidently get Many achieves before getting allot of these on the list even if you only focus on getting these done.

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