Top 10 WoW Companion Pets You've Never Heard Of

Posted Thu, Apr 14, 2011 by Xerin

World of Warcraft can get rather lonely sometimes stuck out in the frozen or fiery wastes of Azeroth on some elite mission from some random person offering you a few coins to gather bear behinds. That’s why non-combat pets exist to give you a little bit of personality and comfort on your adventurers through Azeroth and beyond. It’s hard to rank pets, since each is a personal favorite, and I’ve known many people who have found a simple snake or (oddly enough) a cockroach to be their go-to pet.

So, instead of our top 10 favorite companions, how about we instead focus on the top 10 companions you don’t see every day. Below you’ll find some wild and crazy pets that you probably don’t see often or have special abilities that you might have never known about. 

Enchanted Lantern

10. Enchanted Lantern / Magic Lamp

First on this list is a newer pet, the Magic Lamp/Enchanted Lantern. It’s a lantern (or lamp, if you’re Alliance) that follows you around and shines its glorious light into all of the dark places in Azeroth. It’s rather expensive to craft currently but each faction gets their unique one (and they can be traded across the neutral AH).

Elementium Geode

9. Elementium Geode

This is a pretty cool pet because it’s essentially a flying rock reminiscent of Geodude from Pokémon. It’s rarely seen but a pretty awesome companion for what is essentially a flying rock. You can find this sometimes in elementium nodes and, like most pets, it is tradable.

*too not to (final word of last para).

Thanks for the article, good read. Would be great to include how to obtain the pets (briefly eg "Hyacinth Macaw; BOE rare drop" or "Soul-Trader Beacon; BOE TCG"

Lol seeing the Hyacinth Macaw at number one. I was randomly killing a few things and happend to catch this pet drop. I had no idea how much it was worth or that it was so rare (yes, i was a noob) and now being 1 of like 3 people on my server to have it makes me laugh even more. Still dont know if it would be better to have had the money from it then or being the first one in server to have it...

Spirit of Competition not on the list!?

Haha i have the hyacinth macaw since vanilla i believe.

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