Soloing the Paladin 41-60

Outdated Content as of Patch 5.0.4 Soloing 1-40 | Soloing 41-60 | Soloing 61-80

Outdated Content as of Patch 5.0.4

Soloing 1-40 | Soloing 41-60 | Soloing 61-80

Now we’re getting somewhere. During the time between level 41 and 60, Paladins start coming into their own with a few new spells ...

Soloing 1-40 | Soloing 41-60 | Soloing 61-80

Now we’re getting somewhere. During the time between level 41 and 60, Paladins start coming into their own with a few new spells and getting farther down the talent trees. During this interval the versatility of the Paladin will really start to shine. From Hammer of Wrath to finish of foes, to Holy Wrath that blasts all undead and demons in the area, the Paladin brings a full arsenal to bear as the march to 80 continues.

Talent Show

With the increase in leveling speed up to level 70, it is widely recommended that Paladins use the Retribution tree almost exclusively until reaching the later levels. From the addage "Dead things don't hit back" the Retribution tree is the damage dealers tree of choice. For more information, head over to Selecting Talents for more information about the various talents. 

Hit them where it hurts

Most of the Paladin-defining spells are learned prior to level 41 and learning to juggle Auras, Seals and Blessings should be well entrenched by now. If not, re-read the playstyle basics of Paladin Soloing from 1-40. For a few added nuances though, the 20 levels after 40 does provide some nice additions to its bag of tricks.

Changes in the way to play post level 40

Get it off, get it off!

One of the key duties of the Paladin is to keep debuffs off of him/herself. Some of the poisons, diseases and magic effects can really bring a player to his knees. At level 42, Cleanse allows the Paladin to clear one poison, disease and magic effect. Go ahead and take Purify off your action bar, you'll never use it again. Keep Cleanse handy, it will be used more and more since higher level mobs tend to have some type of debuff. Cleanse is a key PvP tool as well as it will clear many of the debuffs on the caster and anyone else the Paladin casts it on. It does not remove curses, so you'll have to heal through those Warlock curses.

More Bonus Spells

At level 44 the Paladin receives one of the best spells in the game, Hammer of Wrath. Need to finish off a mob with a massive chunk of damage? Hammer Time! Have a mob that is fleeing or better yet, a Warlock running away with a sliver of health in PvP? Hammer time! The Hammer provides an instant damage spell that is usable up close and personal or at range on targets with less than 20% health left. Practice timing the hammer throw and as soon as you see it light up on the bar, hit it. The Hammer can be used in lieu of the Judgement of Justice if you're trying to keep runners from fleeing. With talents in Sanctified Wrath in the Retribution tree, the Hammer has an additional 50% chance to crit meaning you'll see bigger numbers more often.

The other situation spell that will work into a Paladin's rotation is Holy Wrath. Similar to Exorcism, Holy Wrath only works against Undead and Demon targets, but Wrath is an Area of Effect (AoE) spell that damages all targets within 10 yards and stuns them for 3 seconds. The stun is critical to remember when fighting undead and demon casters. If other stuns are on cooldown, hit them with Holy Wrath to bring that casting bar to a standstill.

Give Them a Hand

All Judgements and most Blessings are learned prior to level 41 (additional ranks are added all the way up to 80 though), but at least one new Hand spell is provided, Hand of Sacrifice is learned at level 46. This Hand has no use in solo play, but can save one of your friends if they get into trouble. Paladins typically have higher health pools than other party members, so this spell can be placed on a friendly Mage who is taking damage and may have a third as much overall health as the Paladin. The Paladin also has the ability to heal him/herself so replenishing the lost hit points isn't as serious as it might be for a non-healing class. A very situational and reactionary spell, it only last 12 seconds so use this spell when Hand of Protection is either on cooldown or you need to save it. 

Class Quests

In this level range there are only a couple of class quests, and unless a player is stuck trying to figure out how to gain some experience, the rewards are sub-par and not really worth running after. When level 60 was the level cap, the epic mount quest was critical, but now that spell is trainable and not really worth the time and expense to complete it. Yes, the epic riding skill needs to be purchased, but the costs of the materials for the quest are equal to or greater on most servers. Time at level 60 is much better spent in Outland where the quest rewards and experience points are much greater.

Oh the Places You'll Go

Since gaining a mount at level 30, much more ground can be covered and that is good since the levels of 41-60 literally go around the world, and the outerworld if we include the starting zone of Hellfire Peninsula in Outland. When level 60 was the end of the game, the developers had put significant time into the zones between level 41 and 60, so I would highly recommend touring the areas (for the achievements too!) and seeing all that Azeroth has to offer. 

Some players enjoy running the instances with a higher level character for some easy XP and good loot. Some of the instances are a bit tedious (See Maraudon), while others can be very rewarding (Zul'Farrak is relatively short and has quite a number of quests that can be completed). Standing around waiting for groups to form probably isn't in the leveling Paladin's best interest, but if an opportunity arrises, take it. See the locational guide for more information. 

Zone Level Range Faction Notes
Feralas 40-50 Contested Good Mid-40s questing area.
Tanaris 40-50 Contested Great start to the 40s with good questing hub.
Searing Gorge 43-50 Contested Head into the Dark Iron Dwarf mining stronghold.
The Hinterlands 45-50 Contested Great questing for both factions in this Troll-heavy zone.
Blasted Lands 45-55 Contested Land of the Dark Portal to Outland, lots of demons here.
Azshara 48-55 Contested One of the most beautiful places with very few quests.
Felwood 48-55 Contested A long zone with some easy quest grouping for lots of XP.
Un'Goro Crater 48-55 Contested A quest-dense zone with lots to kill.
Burning Steppes 50-58 Contested Here there be dragons and lots of quests that lead to Blackrock Instances.
Western Plaguelands 51-58 Contested Target rich environment almost all Mobs are undead.
Blackrock Mountain 52-60 Contested A hub for Blackrock Instances and Raids.
Eastern Plaguelands 53-60 Contested Another undead gathering spot, great for Paladins.
Winterspring 53-60 Contested A little out of the way, but good quest hub.
Silithus 55-60 Contested Unless you need the cooling recipe, just stay away.
Hellfire Peninsula 58-63 Contested As soon as you hit 58, run, do not walk to this zone.
Zul'Farrak 43-47 Contested A quick instance that can net a lot of XP and some good loot.
Maraudon 43-49 Contested A long instance that may drive one to drink.
Sunken Temple 49-55 Contested Another confusing maze where the level 50 Class quest ends.
Blackrock Depths 55-60 Contested A good way to grind xp and pick up some loot.
Dire Maul 58-60 Contested In Feralas so it's a bit out of the way, can be a lot of fun.
Blackrock Spire 58-60 Contested Skip this instance at 58 and go to Hellfire Peninsula.
Scholomance 58-60 Contested Full of undead, a Paladin's dream instance.
Stratholme 58-60 Contested See Scholomance.

Closing Thoughts on Closing in on 60

The first 40 levels are full of new spells, Auras, Blessings and Judgements, which provide the basis of really learning to play a Paladin from level 41-60. Use this tume to try out all of the different spells and experiment with different situations. Most importantly though, level up those weapon skills! When a new one or two handed weapon drops or is available as a quest reward, take it and use it. Even if a new 1 handed axe doesn't give the best stats, use it long enough to keep the 1 handed axe skills up to date. Trust me on this one, I've been in an end-game raid and received an epic weapon only to realize that I can't even use it until I go skill up.

First Aid is not typically needed by Paladins since we can heal ourselves, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't skill up in first aid. Another skill that is easier (or at least less tedious) to keep current while you progress than it is to go back and do later.

Soloing 1-40 | Soloing 41-60 | Soloing 61-80

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