WoW Guides: Rogue Trinkets

Heroic Level #1 Mirror of Truth - Increases your critical strike by 84, and gives you a chance on critical strike to boost your AP by 1000.  Pound for pound this trinket...

Heroic Level

#1 Mirror of Truth - Increases your critical strike by 84, and gives you a chance on critical strike to boost your AP by 1000. 

Pound for pound this trinket will last you a long, long time.  As soon as you get 40 heroisms, this should be your first or second pickup. 
#2 Incisor Fragment - Increases your AP by 148, and can activate a 291 Armor Penetration buff for 20 seconds with a 2 minute cooldown.

That's a lot of AP, and the armor penetration activated ability isn't bad either.  Assassination builds will get a little less out of it as a result of their damage being more poison based, but that factor is very minimal with your top two damage abilities in any encounter being Melee and Mutilate. 
#3 Meteorite Whetstone - Increases your Critical rating by 74, and gives you a chance on hit for 444 bonus haste for 10 seconds.

If you're going to be Mutilating at the heroic level, critical rating will help you get more energy out of Focused Attacks.  I would take this over the Incisor as a result but they're both quite potent for Heroic trinkets 

Entry-Raid Level - (No Malygos/Ulduar)

#1 Grim Toll - Improves your hit rating by 83 and gives you a chance on hit to gain 612 armor penetration for 10 seconds.

This is by far the best trinket in this level of gear.  If you aren't gemming specifically for it, the 83 hit will give you a solid boost to the poison hit cap that we covet, and the armor penetration buff will significantly boost your physical DPS for that time. 
#2 Fury of the Five Flights - You gain 16 AP on hit for 10 seconds, and stacks up to twenty times ( 320 AP )

Just a ton of bonus power.  Everything we do revolves around AP and this just loads up on it, and thanks to slice and dice and dual wielding, we hit the full stack far quicker than other physical classes. 
#3 Bandit's Insignia - Increases your attack power by 190.  Your attacks will sometimes strike your enemy for 1504 to 2256 arcane damage.

If you can't get either of the other two, this is a sound replacement for your blue heroic trinket.  It suffers from a very low proc rate due to a long internal cooldown of ~45 seconds.  However, this can proc from your throws.  This can lead to some devastating Deadly Throws in PvP if you're lucky. 

Top End Trinkets (Not counting Algalon - though Dark Matter is best)

#1 Mjolnir Runestone - Increases your critical strike rating by 102, and gives a chance on hit to increase your armor penetration by 612 for 10 seconds.

Grim Toll's upgrade.  Note that while the proc from this and Grim Toll do stack, they will push you well over the armor penetration cap and thus waste what could be a much more beneficial buff.  Since you lost a bunch of hit, lets replace it with... 
#2 Blood of the Old God - Increases your chance to hit by 108, and can proc a 1284 AP buff on crit.

Pyrite Infuser - Exactly the same as the above only 95 hit and 1234 AP buff.

Just a lot of hit to help us hit the cap, and a buff that puts the Mirror of Truth to shame.  The pyrite infuser is *much* easier to get however, as a simple 10 man Flame Leviathan normal drop. 
#3 Wrathstone - Increases your critical strike rating by 108, and can activate for a 856 AP buff for 20 seconds with a two minute cooldown.

A lot of Attack Power (if not sustained) and a ton of Crit.  The downside is you need to keep hitting this trinket every time it's up to see the full value of it in long boss battles, where as if you hit it once and forget about it, you might be better off keeping one of the previous tier trinkets in the slot. 
The best trinkets in the game might drop off the hardest boss currently in the game, but as for the rest of them they aren't always heroic or hard mode!  Keep this in mind as you raid and keep your poison hit cap in mind as you're grabbing these.  Even if we get more white damage out of hit beyond that point, striking with every blow for pathetic damage simply doesn't work.  Although, I suppose with these powerful trinkets, it certainly wouldn't be pathetic but you get my drift.  Now that you know what to gun for, get out there and squash those bosses, and may luck be with you in drops and rolls!

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