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By David Piner -

Welcome to Ten Ton Hammer’s guide to Warlocks. Warlocks are made for one thing; DPS. Drawing their power from forces that most of us would cringe from, Warlocks aim for dominance. To help them along the way Warlocks are able to summon various minions to do their bidding including; Imps, Succubi, Voidwalkers,  and Felhunters. Combining these minions with their dark magic the Warlock has the potential to become a force of destruction that is feared throughout Azeroth.

Warlock Overview

  • Warlocks can choose from three distinct specs: Affliction, Demonology, and Destruction. 
  • Warlocks can summon various demons to do their bidding.
  • Rely on various curses and drains to cripple their foes.
  • Are able to drain enemy souls and use those souls to empower the Warlock’s spells.
  • Physically weak, Warlocks choose to defeat their enemies from a distance with powerful spells.

Warlock Available Races 


Warlock Armor & Weapons

  • Available Armor: Cloth
  • Available Weapons: Daggers, One-Handed Swords, Staves, and Wands

Additional Resources

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