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Macros are extremely useful tools to use a string of abilities on one nifty button. This is even more useful to Warriors who have to “stance dance” to use certain abilities, even though...


Macros are extremely useful tools to use a string of abilities on one nifty button. This is even more useful to Warriors who have to “stance dance” to use certain abilities, even though we don’t tend to use them very much these days. There are many macros that you could come up with in pretty much any situation. Here are some basics and examples of them:



Commands I use in these macros that might not be obvious.


#showtooltip: Shows the tooltip of the ability you’re using, and allows you to see the cooldown if you’re in a different stance or there are multiple abilities and you’d rather see that specific one over the others.


#show: Basically the same as #showtooltip, except it won’t show the tooltip but still offer the cooldown.


The “?” icon: If you pick this icon, it will choose the icon most suited for what you typed in macro. Such as the Recklessness macro, it will choose the Recklessness icon.



Bloodrage and Berserking


#showtooltip Berserker Rage

/cast Bloodrage

/cast Berserker Rage

I bet a lot of warriors tend to forget about Berserker Rage until they get feared. This macro ties it in with Bloodrage in one easy button. I picked the tooltip for Berserker Rage because I’d rather watch that cooldown instead of the other(s).

/cast Blood Fury

This can be added for the Orc warriors that have this racial ability.




#showtooltip Recklessness

/cast Shield Block

/cast [stance:3] Recklessness; Berserker Stance

/cast Defensive Stance


Since all of our Stance ability cooldowns were reduced and on separate timers, it’s useful to have this one as it helps out on your DPS/threat/etc.

The Shield Block can be removed, but I use it for protection and Shield Slam potential as I’m a protection warrior. Defensive Stance can also be removed and replaced with Battle Stance, if you’re Arms.




#showtooltip Retaliation

/cast [stance:1] Retaliation; Battle Stance

/cast Defensive Stance


This macro is definitely useful when leveling and/or farming as you pull a pack of 10 mobs and proceed to beat them down. Again, the Defensive Stance can be replaced.


Shield Wall


#showtooltip Shield Wall

/equipslot 16 Last Laugh

/equipslot 17 Wall of Terror

/cast [stance:2] Shield Wall; Defensive Stance

/cast Taunt


I use this mostly as a way to prolong the fight if my tank has died and there’s potential for the boss to still end up dead, if he doesn’t end up killing the healer and other DPS in the process. This will switch me to a sword n’ board, get me in Defensive, Shield Wall, and Taunt all in one little “oh noes!” button.

Slot 16: Main Hand, Slot 17: Off-hand. Just replace mine with the names of your preferred weapons and it will equip them to those assigned slots.




#showtooltip Pummel

/cast [stance:3] Pummel; Berserker Stance

/cast Battle Stance

This is useful when you have to interrupt as an Arms warrior and then switch back to Battle Stance after if you really have to help interrupt something, even though it is not ideal for Arms warriors to do so.




/castsequence [harm] reset=15 Charge, Intercept;

/cast [help] Intervene; [target=targettarget, help] Intervene;


This requires the protection tree talent: Warbringer, which allows “Your Charge, Intercept and Intevene abilities are now usable while in combat and in any stance.  In addition, your Charge, Intercept and Intervene abilities will remove all movement impairing effects.”


This macro can be altered in many different ways, like most macros. It’ll all depend on how you mostly use it. I love this version because it offers Intervene as well as the others so I can target both a friendly or a mob and have it go without any modifications. The problem is you might Intervene when you would have wanted to Charge/Intercept instead.


Also be warned: if you’re a key-spammer, you might end up using both Charge and Intercept, especially with the Glyph of Charge that gives Charge an extra 5 yard reach.


Revenging Heroic Strike


#showtooltip Revenge

/cast Revenge

/cast Heroic Strike

With the Glyph of Revenge, this macro is pretty great. Without it, I’d rather advise against this macro and have the abilities on two separate buttons for easier control.


It allows you to do Heroic Strike and Revenge on one key. The problem with this is that you’ll do Heroic Strike whether Revenge is up or not, so you’d have to be careful when spamming this key during low-rage situations. You may end up rage starved or not putting in enough Shield Slams/other abilities, like you should be.


#showtooltip Revenge

/cast sequence reset=2 Revenge; Heroic Strike


This is a good alternative to where you can’t use Heroic Strike, unless you used Revenge, so you can control when you’re spamming Heroic Strike by using your other key specifically assigned for it.


Block + Avoidance Macro


/run local b,d,p,r=GetBlockChance(),GetDodgeChance(),GetParryChance(),GetCombatRating(CR_DEFENSE_SKILL) ChatFrame1:AddMessage(format("Unhittable (102.4): %.2f%%  Avoidance: %.2f%%",b+d+p+5+1/(.0625+.956/(r/122.9625)),d+p+5+1/(.0625+.956/(r/122.9625))))


Many thanks to Maintankadin, Elitist Jerks and TankSpot for the macro, diminishing returns formula, etc.

 This macro shows your chance to not be hit by a level 83 boss and your pure avoidance in one nifty little macro. To not be hit basically means that everything that strikes you is somehow dodged, parried, missed or blocked. No normal hit gets through. Unless you’re making it purely out of avoidance stats, then you might have issues with rage. It’s possible to have less actual avoidance in your “Unhittable” set than your avoidance set.

If you’re a Night Elf, you’ll want to change those 5’s into 7’s, as you get an extra 2% from your Quickness racial.


Remember that there are many macros to fit a person’s needs as there are many add-ons. Try your hand at scripting to find a way to free up space on your bars and improve your performance.

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