The Best Addons for World of Warcraft Healers

Updated Tue, May 03, 2011 by Mem

U.I mods help shape the world as we know it. Well, at least in Azeroth they do. In fact most players use at least one U.I. mod during game play. The reason behind heavy mod usage by players is that, while Blizzard has made great strides to improve the standard interface, most players find that it is undoubtedly lacking something.

By the time they reach the endgame most players will have turned to the realm of mods to help make their game play just a little easier. And none need more help (especially with the recent changes to healing in Cataclysm) than the healer. But with the enormous number of mods available, both good and bad, digging through them all can be a daunting task. To solve this problem you will find a list of useful healer related mods below that I have compiled based on my own personal experiences. Enjoy!

**Please note that the world of mods is very unstable and while the mods listed above are still maintained and currently useable with Patch 4.1 this could change at any time.**


Grid is a party/raid frame add-on and is, in my personal opinion, the be all end all for healers. Grid takes your standard party and raid frames and reduces them to a handy dandy little box that lets you easily find and select group members while still being able to keep track of the rest of your group as well.

Grid box showing incoming healing.

Now you might be wondering what is so special about Grid considering there are a ton of other mods out there that can and will display your party members. Grid is special because it is designed to display as much information at a glance to the user as possible. The player has the option to display useful information such as: buffs, debuffs, incoming heals, and much, much more, making Grid nothing short of amazing.

Despite Grid's sheer awesomeness it is a rather complex mod to set up. It is suggested by both myself and the creators of the mod that players who choose to use it take a few minutes before doing anything else to take a glance at the configuration menu and familiarize yourself with the options found there. Make it past the hurdle of configuration and you'll never look back.


Clique is a very simple but powerful add-on that enables click-casting and hover-casting on your unit frames. What this allows you to do is bind a specific spell or macro to any mouse or keyboard combination and then simply hover over your intended target to use it. Still confused about what Clique can do for you?

Clique in game tab.

Let's say that you want to cast Healing Touch on your friend Memnock. Normally to do this you would need to target Memnock, and then click the spell (or vice versa), wasting valuable time which in the world of healers could mean the difference between life and death. With Clique you simply need to set a button (or combination of buttons) to the spell you want to cast and then hover over the player on your raid frames or in the 3D game world and click your previous set button combination to cast the spell.

And if you needed any more reason to download the mod; setting up Clique is an easy process that even the most novice players can manage. Not to mention that when combined with Grid (mentioned above) you can easily become the ultimate healing machine.

Where is Healbot?

Healbot is great, especially for people who don't know how to setup addons. Grid/Clique can take forever to setup, while Healbot is install + go.

I love Healbot too - although after this, I will look into Decursive as well. It is simple to setup and use, but it also has many configurable options for frequently used healing spells.
Simply hover over the target character in the Healbot GUI and right-click, left-click, middle-click, shift-right-click, shift-left-click, ctl-left-click, ctl-right-click, mouse-btn4, shift-mouse-btn4, on and on and on.....

I find in really helpful, and it keeps my eyes on the players, not my casting bar!

You also failed to mention VuhDo.

Even though VuhDo takes the most setup in the long run to make it look EXACTLY how you want, you can easily use it out of the box, all you have to do is bind your mouse/keyboard.

Some reason I like VuhDo over Grid+clique, is that you only need one add-on to make it work the same way.. Also your mouse clicks for each spell is only bound on the raid frame and not in the entire world like Clique. So you can easily just move your mouse to the world to move the camera around and then move it back to the frames to heal.

In my opinion VuhDo is much better than Grid. The only downside is that yes, it takes a lot of setting up, but the setting up is CUSTOMIZED more to you and when you first start you can pretty much use it out of the box. All you have to do is set up your keybinds. and as you learn to navigate through the menus you can customize it more to you more than any other add-on.

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