WoW: When Ghouls Attack: Peacebloom vs. Ghouls Mini-game Guide

Updated Tue, Jan 25, 2011 by Mem

Peacebloom vs. Ghouls is a brand new mini-game implemented after the Cataclysm expansion. Based off the wildly popular Plants vs. Zombies game developed by PopCap Games, Peacebloom vs. Ghouls manages to bring all of the zombie killing fun into World of Warcraft. Players will meet Brazie the Botanist who has a rather unusual problem, waves of Undead are attacking his farmstead. It will be your job to defend the farm (and your brains) against the incoming waves of Undead using only the aid of various types of plants.

Learn more about the mini-game below:

This super fun mini-game can be found at the Brazie Farmstead, a quaint little farm south-east of the Dalaran Crater. For those that prefer coordinates The Brazie Farmstead is located at 33.5, 48.4. You will know you have reached the Farmstead by the smiling sunflowers and ominous green clouds just outside the door.

Mini-games are fun, this one especially so, what with defeating brain eating Undead and all but really what do you get out of it?

Not only will players who complete this mini-game gain all the gold (and possible experience) from each quest, but when the final quest is completed players will be presented with Brazie’s Sunflower Seeds, and allow the player to choose between Brazie’s Plant Light or Botanist’s Britches. Even more exciting, however, is that players will also be awarded ….


That’s right ladies and gentlemen if you manage to defeat the evil final boss and stop the invading Undead you will get the much sought after Singing Sunflower. Modeled after the Sunflowers that appear in the original Plants vs. Zombies game this pet not only looks cool, but also will entertain it’s owner by occasionally singing a line or two from the PvZ theme song complete with musical notes above it’s head.

So you’ve reached the Farmstead and you’re standing outside wondering if the happy looking sunflowers are really plotting your demise or not (the answer to which is probably a resounding yes, plants should really never be THAT happy), but how do you get this party started? To get started speak to Brazie the Botanist, who is a rather ugly looking Goblin sporting very Druidesque gear who can be found standing just outside the door to the farm house, between the creepy sunflowers. Brazie will offer you a quest and once accepted the mini-game will begin.

*It should be noted that once you have completed a quest in the quest line you cannot go back and complete it again, and once the entire quest line is complete you will no longer be able to play the mini-game.*

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