WoW Cataclysm: Goblin Zone Walkthrough



Goblin Creation Screen.
Well you’ve done it. You’ve made it through the tedious job of picking your class, physical appearance, and name relatively unscathed. You’ve hit the “Enter World” button and you’re ready for your Goblin leveling experience. Once your screen loads you find yourself at the Goblin starting point, more precisely KTC Headquarters in Kezan.

Before you begin questing it’s good to note that Goblins come standard with a few racial abilities including;

  • Best Deals Anywhere (best possible gold discounts regardless of reputation)
  • Better Living Through Chemistry (Alchemy skill increased by 15)
  • Rocket Barrage (Launches belt rockets at an enemy causing fire damage)
  • Rocket Jump (Activates rocket belt to jump forward)
  • Time is Money  (1% increase to attack and casting speed)

Your Executive Assistant: Sassy Hardwrench.
Directly before you is a pretty little Goblin named Sassy Hardwrench, who will provide you with your first quest; “Taking Care of Business“. You’ll find out quickly that when Goblins say take care of business they obviously mean it. Sassy wants you to overthrow Trade Prince Gallywix, but in order to get a promotion you must first prove yourself by doing quite a few tasks.

Foreman Dampwick.
The first of these requires you to speak with Foreman Dampwick to see if you can get production flowing at the Kaja’mine. Use your map to find Foreman Dampwick at the end of the ramp just outside KTC Headquarters. Once your quest is turned in you will gain around 10 experience and Foreman Dampwick will assign you to two more tasks; “Trouble in the Mines” and “Good Help is Hard to Find“.

“Trouble in the Mines” will have you slaughtering 8 Tunnel Worms who are currently eating the valuable Kaja’Cola. While “Good Help is Hard to Find” will require you to keep the work going by disciplining 8 Defiant Troll slaves utilizing your super duper All-In-1-Der Belt. Head down to the mines as marked on your map and get to work! To discipline one of those pesky trolls, right click on one that is currently not doing any work and your belt will take care of the rest.

Put these lazy Trolls back to work!
Tunnel Worms provide around 50 experience each at level 1 and killing your needed 8 should easily boost you into level 2. I personally finished this portion of the quest first, so I killed an extra few Tunnel Worms while completing Good Help is Hard to Find. Extra experience is never a bad thing. After you have finished both quests return to Foreman Dampwick and receive your rewards plus around 80 experience for each quest and you will be assigned to return to the mines to collect some of the very valuable Kaja’Cola and will also receive a glimpse of things to come. You are in the mood for a party right?

Kaja'cola barrel for the quest "Kaja'cola".
Head back to the mines and collect 5 Kaja’Colas which can be found in the large open area outside as well as inside the mines. Once completed the Kaja’Cola goes back to Sassy inside the KTC Headquarters where you will receive another 80 experience. As soon as the quest is turned in new quests will become available from Sassy and Chip Endale (Blizzard has certainly not lost their sense of humor). Sassy wants you to send a message to several deadbeats who owe money in a quest called “Do It Yourself” while Chip Endale gently suggests that perhaps you should maybe attempt some new attire for the upcoming party in “The New You“.

Your personal mode of transportation around Kezan.
Head outside and you will find Megs Dreadshredder who has another quest waiting for you called “Cruising“. And right from the start this quest sounds promising. “Cruising” gives you access to a Hot Rod, which will be your time in Kezan. But like most things gaining the Hot Rod requires you to complete another task - pick up three of your friends around town. Hop on in your newly acquired transportation and acquaint yourself with the Hot Rods three abilities.

The Hot Rod comes standard with three basic abilities, all of which are fun, one of which is actually useful. The first ability - Punch It - increases your speed by 50% and as such you will probably find yourself hitting this as often as possible. The second ability on the bar is Honk Horn, which is pretty self explanatory, as is the third ability; Radio. To top off the fact you have a fancy new ride, all three of your current quests can be completed while your cruising around Kezan.

[protip]When it comes to cool things, the Hot Rod ranks quite high. You've got an awesome radio that pumps out Goblin tunes but it's not all about the car even if it's the best free vehicle in the game. Kezan is a massive locale and it's a long walk from A to B so try not to lose your car or dive bomb into the ocean if you can help it.[/protip]

Map to the First Bank of Kezan and Kajaro Field.
The first place you should visit is the First Bank of Kezan, where you can pick up some Macaroons for the quest “The New You”. On the way there make a quick stop off at Kajaro Field where you will find another quest waiting for you from Coach Crosscheck called “The Replacements” which asks you to pick up 8 replacement parts strewn all over Kezan. You will also pick up your first friend for “Cruising”, not to mention you will gain quite a bit of discovery experience while driving around.

Continue on to the bank picking up any replacement parts that you see. Once you arrive waltz right in and demand your money. No really hop to the head of the rather long line and talk to one of the clerks to get your Macaroons. Don’t worry about leaving your vehicle, any friends you have picked up along the way will hop right back into your Hot Rod once it’s re-summoned. Once turned in you will receive a whopping 250 experience and regain the quest “The New You” except this time with instructions to buy some Shiny Bling.

The First Bank of Kezan is a busy place.
Before you go buy yourself a sexy new outfit you should probably finish your dirty work by heading over to Drudgetown to collect the debts for “Do It Yourself”. Don’t forget to keep picking up any replacement parts you find along the way! The debtors are easy to find as they have Hunters Mark arrows above their heads, but be warned the debtors will be none to cooperative when you ask them to pay up.

Once you have collected all four debts, check the map and pick up any of your friends you have not picked up so far, while stopping to collect all three of the pieces for your new outfit along the way. Once all of the quests are completed turn them in for some uber experience that will easily boost you right into level 3. Don’t forget to talk to your class trainer at this point to gain access to some new skills and abilities.

A crate filled with Replacement Parts.
‘The Replacements” is the only quest that chains out of this bunch. Once turned in Coach Crosscheck will offer you the quest “Necessary Roughness” which will place you in a huge steel vehicle which you previously collected the parts for. The object of the quest is rather entertaining as you get to bomb 8 of the robots that march towards you. Aim with the right mouse button and fire by pressing 1 or by manually clicking the fire button.

When finished turn in the quest to gain 320 experience (which should take you to level 4) and pick up the last quest in the chain, “Fourth and Goal”.  Once accepted you will be thrust once again into the steelbot, and this time you are asked to throw a ball between two steel pipes. After you succeed the ground starts shaking, which we can assume is probably not a good thing.

When turning in the quest along with gaining 320 experience, you find out that the shaking ground is definitely not a good thing. In fact it’s a really super bad thing. It seems you may have accidentally hit Mount Kajaro and it’s going to explode. Awesome. Despite your slight boo boo Coach Crosscheck still wants you to head back to Sassy to tell her of your Footbomb victory. Maybe she won’t notice constant earthquakes…

Announcing your victory to Sassy gives you an extra 25 experience and opens up another quest from Chip Endale “Life of the Party”. “Life of the Party” requires you to the life of your own promotion party. So throw on your fancy new clothes and bling bling and get ready to party at the KTC Headquarters pool.

Be aware of your guests needs by reading the chat bubbles above their heads or checking out their debuffs.
Once you arrive at the pool your goal is to impress 15 party guests by fulfilling their wishes. You can find out these wishes by clicking on them and checking their debuff or paying attention to the chat bubbles above their heads. Since you have already put on your new outfit you have probably noticed that your ability bar has changed. Familiarize yourself with it as it contains all you need to fulfill your guest’s whims. Simply select a guest and respond with the correct button.

Turn in “Life of the Party” to Sassy for 320 experience and pick up the quest “Pirate Party Crashers”. Apparently your party has gained the attention of some unwanted guests, and in order to save your career you need to do something about them. Take out 12 of your uninvited guests and return to Sassy for 550 experience and a startling revelation. Sassy believes the current Trade Prince is behind the disturbances at your party. Head upstairs to speak with him.

Pirate party crashers are the worst kind.
Instead of an epic confrontation you are instead presented with a rather bad situation. The volcano is (finally) exploding, and Gallywix has a ship that could be your ticket to survival, but of course there is a small catch. Gallywix wants you to bring him a bazillion macaroons to secure your place on his ship. Speak with Sassy to open up several quests, and from Goblins in the nearby vicinity who all have ideas how you can come up with the money, you should also ding level 5 or be close to it. Pick up “Waltz Right In”, “The Great Bank Heist”, “Robbing Hoods”, and “Liberating the Kaja’mite” and get to money making!

Blow the Kaja'mite veins up and collect the valuable Kaja'mite chunks.
“Liberating the Kaja’mite” sends you back into the mines once again. To complete the quest find one of  big sparkly Kaja’mite veins and toss one of the bombs provided to you at it. Once you have blown it up collect the chunks of Kaja’mite your blast has created. While collecting Kaja’mite beware the Rebellious Trolls who have made a bid for freedom in the chaos the volcano is creating. Collect 15 Kaja’mite chunks to complete the quest.

Head out of the mines and bust out your Hot Rod for “Robbing Hoods”. Enter the city proper and you will find Hired Looters everywhere. You need to collect their stolen loot in a rather unorthodox way; by running them over, you never even have to get out of the car. This quest is definitely on my list of top 10 quests of all time. While running over the 20 required Hired Looters, make your way towards the bank.

Follow the on screen instructions to break into the bank's vault.
Once inside you will need to break into a bank vault in order to complete “The Great Bank Heist”. Thankfully your belt does most of the hard work, all you need to do is do exactly what it tells you do to until the vault breaking bar (right side of your vehicle U.I.) hits 100%. Push the wrong button and the percentage goes down. Gain your personal riches and get yourself out of there.

Assuming you have already taken out all your Hired Looters that leaves us with “Waltz Right In”. For this quest you’ll need to search your bags for your Mook Disguise that you received when accepting the quest. Head to Gallywix’s Villa on the far northwest of the zone, pop your disguise and walk on in, but avoid the pigs as they can smell through the disguise. The loot can be found in the two smaller buildings and in the main villa and are marked on your map. Once you have grabbed the loot head back to headquarters to turn in all four quests. Each quest rewards 550 experience each and should easily level you to level 6.

Mow down Hired Looters found all over Kezan.
Speak with Sassy again to get the bad news that despite all your hard work you haven’t quite come up with enough money to buy your way out of a fiery death. Don’t worry though Sassy has a plan in the quest titled “447” in the form of your everyday basic insurance fraud. Sassy has loaded up the place with fireworks, you just need to make sure the thing blows up good and proper like.

Go inside and overload the generator, turn on the leaky gas stove, and drop a cigar on the bed to ensure that you do it right the first time, then head back outside to activate the Gasbot Control Panel for what promises to be an explosion of epic proportions. Speak to the Claims Adjuster to gain 550 experience and collect your insurance money.

What better way to commit insurance fraud than with tons of explosives?
You finally have enough money to get yourself off this cursed island. Speak with Sassy again and she’ll inform you that it’s well past time to go. To be sure she doesn’t get left behind she takes the driver’s seat and after a rather bumpy ride you finally make it to the place of your salvation; the Trade Prince’s yacht. Turn in your life savings to Gallywix and get the unpleasant news that not only is he confiscating your Hot Rod, but you are now his slave. At least you’ll make it to Azeroth right?

The Lost Isles

Open the Goblin Escape Pods to rescue your surviving friends.
Unfortunately once your loading screen vanishes you find that you have not made it to Azshara. The boat has crashed and as you come to you find two Goblins performing medical treatment of sorts on you. Speak with Doc Zapnozzle to complete the quest “Don’t Go Into the Light” and make a full recovery.

Even though you have barely escaped with your life you don’t get a break, speak to Geargrinder Gizmo to find out your ship sailed into a battle between Alliance and Horde, and also to pick up the quest “Goblin Escape Pods”. For this quest you need to search out and rescue 6 Goblins that have managed to make it through the journey. Sadly enough one of the few survivors is the Trade Prince. It really is too bad he didn’t get eaten by the sharks that inhabit these waters.

After saving your friends head back to shore to reunite with Sassy and turn in your quest. Your work is apparently never done though, as once you collect your belongings from Sassy three more tasks await your attention; “Get Our Stuff Back!”, “It’s Our Problem Now”, and “Monkey Business”.

Tools, Monkeys, and Raptors! Oh my!
“Get Our Stuff Back” requires you to collect 8 crates of tools that can be found all over the shore. “It’s Our Problem Now” asks you to wipe out 6 Treaptor Hatchlings that roam the nearby jungle and “Monkey Business” has you feeding 10 Bomb-Throwing Monkeys which sounds extremely dangerous. Thankfully all these quests are within the general vicinity and can be completed at almost the same time, however, the Hatchlings are level 8 so approach them with caution.

After you have completed all three quests head back to the Shipwreck Shore and collect your rewards and possibly ding level 7. Once all three quests are turned in Sassy provides you with a new quest called “Help Wanted”. As it turns out there is a cave full of Kaja’mite on the island, however all the miners sent into the cave have been vanishing. The Foreman has come back with some crazy story about monkeys with mining picks in the cave, but Sassy wants you to investigate yourself.

Take pictures of the cave paintings indicated by the green floating camera.
The mine is located just southwest of Sassy. Once there speak with Foreman Dampwick to turn in your quest and obtain “Miner Troubles” that charges you with escorting the last miner through the cavern. As you enter the mine another quest pops up called “Capturing the Unknown” which asks you to take some pictures of various things in the cave. Where you need to take pictures is indicated by large green cameras. I choose to do this portion of the quest on my way out of the cave though, as keeping up to the miner was difficult enough.

At the end of the cave you will find a very dead Orc Scout who is carrying a field journal. Turn in “Miner Troubles” to Foreman Dampwick for 480 experience and return the journal and the pictures you took to Sassy for further inspection. After some examination Sassy deduces that you are probably once again on an island with an exploding volcano (you just can’t catch a break) and decides you should return the journal to the overseer of the Orc camp on a hill in the south east in a quest called “The Enemy of My Enemy”.

Horde Base Camp location.
Once you reach the Horde Base Camp you will meet Aggra, who not surprisingly provides you with a new quest that asks you to prove your worth as a Goblin and Mage. To complete the quest “The Vicious Vale” you must journey to the Vicious Vale to find Kilag Gorefang who should have stayed away from a place with vicious in the name anyways.

Kilag can be found literally almost a stone’s throw from the Horde Base Camp amongst some very nasty plants. Turn in “The Vicious Vale” to him to gain an easy 70 experience and pick up your next quest called “Weed Whacker”. As it turns out Kilag has gotten himself into a little bit of a pickle and wants you help to take care of the many plants that are attacking him and his crew. To do this make use of your belts handy dandy Weed Whacker tool and wipe out those nasty plants without a second thought. Right click to activate the tool and go for a plant killing joy ride.

Weed whacking has never been so much fun.
After taking out 100 of those pesky plants and saving some Orcs along the way return to Kilag for your reward and 525 experience, then return to Aggra to let her know of your success and Kilag’s plan to move to the Wild Overlook. While Aggra still seems skeptical of your abilities she thanks you and asks you to join the “Forward Movement” by meeting up with Kilag at the Wild Overlook.

Venture back through the Vicious Vale (thankfully all the plants are dead this time around) and make your way to Kilag. Once you have turned in “Forward Movement” to Kilag he will present you with “Infrared = Infradead”. In this quest you will need to team up with one of Kilag’s scouts and use special goggles, Goblin made of course, to kill 10 SI:7 assassins.

Use your handy dandy Goblin made goggles to seek out the assassins in the area.
Activate your Infrared Heat Focals and get to assassin hunting. The assassins normally travel in pairs and appear as red dots on the mini map making them extremely easy to spot. Proceed to kill 10 assassins and probably a few jungle cats if you get a rather stupid Orc Scout. Congratulations, this quest should put you into level 8.

“To The Cliffs is the next quest in this chain and as the name implies Kilag wants you to head to the cliffs. In order to make travel faster Kilag places you on the back of his trusted companion of the feline sort and off you go. Once you arrive at Scout Brax turn in your quest and pick up “Get to the Gyrochoppa!”. Of course nothing in WoW happens without a little work, Brax wants you to fly this contraption, but first you have to retrieve the keys.

Get to the Gyrochoppa!
Kill SI:7 Operatives until the Gyrochoppa Keys drop, I personally got mine after around 7 kills, then fight your way to the Gyrochoppa itself.  Once you reach the Gyrochoppa dispose of the rather unhappy Pilot and turn in the quest. Once turned in you will get the quest “Precious Cargo” which requires you to fly the Gyrochoppa to the nearby Alliance ship to obtain the so called precious cargo.
The Gyrochoppa sadly pilots itself and soon you will find yourself crash landing on the pirate ship. Fight your way into the bows of the ship, where you will find a cage holding a very surprising someone. The precious cargo turns out to be Thrall himself, who was apparently captured while unconscious.

Very precious cargo indeed.
Once freed Thrall asks you to meet him on the deck in “Meet Me Up Top”. Fight your way out again and go to the upper deck of the ship to find Thrall raining down death on the Alliance Sailors. Turn in “Meet Me Up Top” and Thrall will ask for your assistance of ridding the waters of the Alliance Sailors with the powers of the Cyclone of the Elements in “Warchief’s Revenge”.  Press 1 to target and click to annihilate the Sailors in epic fashion.

After killing 50 Sailors, the Cyclone returns you to the Wild Overlook where you find Thrall waiting for you. Turn in “Warchief’s Revenge and collect your reward as well as 700 experience. Thrall takes his leave, but not without telling you that your futures are intertwined which is a sure foretelling of things to come. Report to Sassy who has also surprisingly found her way to the Wild Overlook.

Thrall grants you the power of a mighty cyclone to smite Alliance sailors.
Sassy fills you in on the progress of getting over to the larger island. Dampwick has managed to build a rocket to get there, but no one has tried it yet. Pick up the quest “Up, Up & Away” to find out that you are to be the test subject for the very first rocket trip. Right click on the rocket and cross your fingers that it doesn’t explode.

The rocket does explode, but thankfully not before you’ve made it to the larger island.  Foreman Dampwick has already made the trip and charges you with setting up the Town-In-A-Box. Simply climb on the pile of explosives and push the plunger and pow, a town will appear, either that or you’ll be blown to smithereens.

Only Goblins would think an exploding Town-In-A-box would be a good idea.
Amazingly enough, the Town-In-A-Box really works and despite you being launched several feet into the air you and the rest of your Goblin kin now have a real home once again. Speak with Dampwick again to turn in the quest only to find out that the dock and oil refinery have gone missing, as well as the Trade Prince. Before you even have a second to contemplate the implications of this revelations, Dampwick gives you the quest “Hobart Needs You”. Report to Hobart Grapplehammer to complete this quest.

Hobart has been charged with gathering escaped cluckers, and as the self proclaimed greatest goblin mind of all time such menial labor is beneath him. Therefore he hands the quest “Cluster Cluck” over to you and charges you with rounding up 10 Wild Cluckers.

How do you gather eggs from Wild Cluckers? With explosives of course.
Of course you will complete this quest in typical Goblin fashion, with explosives. Simply right click on the Wild Cluckers that can be found running around just outside of town and strap some rockets on their back and watch them fly. Once 10 Cluckers have been captured return to Hobart to turn in the quest.

Of course you can’t always please everyone and that becomes apparent as Bamm Megabomb offers you the quest “Trading Up”. Unhappy with the thought of having to live off of Clucker eggs Bamm insists you help him obtain some “real” eggs. Bamm has set up traps on Raptor Rise just up the path to the east. To complete the quest place Clucker eggs in the traps and capture yourself some Raptors so you can take their eggs. Keep in mind there actually has to be a Raptor in the general vicinity of the trap for it to work. Return to Bamm after you have collected 6 Raptor Eggs.

Lure Raptors into traps to collect their eggs.
After seeing the size of the Raptor Eggs Hobart feels slightly inadequate, speak to him to pick up the quest “The Biggest Egg Ever” in which Hobart charges you to head north to the Scorched Gully to retrieve an egg from a mechachicken gone haywire. Since the Mechachicken is  a tad bit bonkers you must defeat it to acquire it’s egg. Once defeated the egg drops to the ground where you can simply click it to collect it. Return to Hobart to collect your reward and probably gain another level, only one more till level 10.

Unfortunatly the biggest egg ever is a huge flop, but Hobart has another idea. Speak to Hobart to pick up “Who’s Top of the Food Chain Now?”. Hobart has it in his head that shark meat is the way to go, except there is one very big problem; The Hammer, the biggest shark of them all. Of course you are expected to swim out into the Dire Strait where The Hammer makes his home and collect 6 Shark Parts.

The Biggest Egg Ever!
Avoid The Hammer for the time being (he is a level 8 Elite) and instead kill Ravenous Lurkers, mini versions of The Hammer, who also make their home in the Dire Straight. Once you have collected 6 Shark Parts return them to Assitant Greely for your next quest; “A Goblin in Shark‘s Clothing“.

Greely plans on taking the Shark Parts and the remains of the Mechachicken to create a submersible that will allow you to rid the waters of The Hammer once and for all. Return to the shore and take over the controls to engage your “shark”. Once inside you will have access to three abilities; Freakin’ Laser Beam, Egg-splosive Barrage, and Repair.

The Hammer.
You will find that Laser Beam will be your spell of choice here, while Barrage does more damage it’s on a rather long 5 second cooldown and you simply cannot wait for it. Repair of course repairs your vehicle for 200 damage and is on an even longer 10 second cooldown. Use Repair only when absolutely needed. I personally only needed to use it once. After The Hammer is defeated return to Hobart for your reward.

There is no rest for the weary though, as you find out as Hobart offers you your next quest “Invasion Imminent!”. Your work is currently complete in the town, but you are needed elsewhere. Megs Dreadshredder has taken an expedition over the hills to the southeast where she is having some troubles with the snake-men. Seek her out at the western entrance to the Ruins of Vashj’eian to get your next mission.

Pick up “Bilgewater Cartel Represent” from Megs, and afterwards “Naga Hide” from Brett “Coins” McQuid who stands beside her. Megs and Brett both want you to head into the Naga ruins to complete their tasks. Megs wants you to replace 12 Naga Banners with Bilgewater Cartel Banners, while Brett requests you bring him 12 Intact Naga Hides. Venture into the ruins and complete both quests.

Once turned in the next quest in the chain “Irresistible Pool Pony” becomes available from Megs. Apparently nothing attracts baby Naga like a pool pony. Anyways, take the pool pony to the Vashj’elan Spawning Pool (where the giant tentacles are sticking out) and swim close to any hatchlings you can find. The hatchlings are guarded though so you may have to defeat the big Naga before collecting the hatchlings nearby. Do this until you have 12 hatchlings following you then lure them back to Megs and turn in the quest.

The Naga leader turns out to be not a Naga at all.
Once turned in Megs provides you with the next quest in the chain “Surrender or Else”. You are to take the Hatchlings back to the ruins and use them as leverage to convince the Naga leader to surrender, Ace will accompany you. Follow Ace around the ruins until you find the Naga leader, who doesn’t appear to be a Naga at all.

The Naga leader turns out to be one of the Faceless and since the Faceless don’t particularly like Naga babies, Megs plan backfires. Instead it looks like open combat will be your method of convincing instead. Don’t expect Ace to be of much help, as soon as things start to get hairy he turns tail and runs. Kill the Naga leader then return to Megs for more instructions.

Pygmy helms probably won't take the fashion industry by storm anytime soon.
Uh oh, it wasn’t the Naga who were planning an attack, it was the nearby Oomlot pygmy tribe. Pick up the next quest “Get Back to Town” from Megs and quickly head back to Town-In-A-Box with your newly acquired pygmy helm. You should be very close to level 10 at this point and this quest might just push you over the edge.

Once you arrive it’s clear that Town-In-A-Box is already under seige, seek out Sassy and pick up “Town-In-A-Box: Under Attack” and begin to rally the defenses. To do this Sassy wants you to get into one of the B.C. Eliminators and take out the threat to the town. Head back to the main line of defense on the east side of the town and right click to gain control of one of the Eliminators.

Man the defenses of Town-In-A-Box!
The Eliminator only has one ability; Fire Cannon, so don’t hesitate to get to work.  Aim up the hill and fire to take out 30 Oomlot Warriors to complete this quest. Turn the quest in to Sassy and discover that while your efforts helped, the Oomlot Warriors have managed to take several Goblins hostage. If you didn’t level before, after turning in this quest you should officially be level 10. Congratulations!

Of course saving the town from certain doom wasn’t enough, you now have to set off to Oostan to take care of the small zombie problem, wipe out some pygmy Witch Doctors, and collect Rockin’ Powder which may or may not be the source of the pygmies powers. Ah well, all in day’s work I suppose.


Zombies vs. Super Booster Rocket Boots

BBQ Zombie anyone?.
The most entertaining of the bunch so far, use the Super Rocket Boots provided to you and head to Oostan to take out any zombies in your path by turning them into a giant inferno. To do this simply fly over or near a zombie with your Super Rocket Boots equipped and wait a few seconds till it falls over dead. Repeat this process 50 amazingly fun times to complete this quest. Be aware that you will take damage while wiping out zombies, so keep a close eye on it so you don’t kill yourself instead.

Rockin’ Powder
Rockin’ Powder can be found in any of the pygmy villages and looks like a small pile of glowing purple dirt. Pick up 5 of these piles to complete this quest.

Three Little Pygmies

The pygmy leaders stand near a central fire in each village.
This quest requires you to visit the three separate Oostan pygmy villages (Nord, Sor, and Ost) and eliminate Gaahl, Maimo, and Teloch the Witch Doctors responsible for creating the zombie force.  Gaahl can be found in Oostan Nord, Maimo can be found in Oostan Sor, and Teloch can be found in Oostan Ost. All are standing around the large central fire in each of the villages

After you have completed all three questions head back down the mountainside to find Coach Crosscheck and his crew to turn in your quests and get your next assignment.

Lost Caldera

Rocket Boot Boost
Your Super Rocket Booster Boots have been infused with the Rockin’ Powder you collected from the pygmy villages. This quests tasks you with delivering said boots to Hobart Grapplehammer located inside the Lost Caldera. Don’t worry about getting lost though, simply click on the boots and hold on tight as they will take you exactly where you need to go.

Children of a Turtle God

Turtles, turtles, everywhere.
Only one functioning Rocket Boot remains after your little trip, and as such you are tasked to fix it. In order to do this you must seek out fire glands from the local turtles. The problem with this is that to the locals these turtles are sacred, children of their turtle god Volvanoth. Hopefully they won’t be too upset. The turtles are literally everywhere. Simply walk forward from the quest giver and begin your killing spree until you collect 10 Fire Glands. Turn in to Horbart Grapplehammer to turn in your quest.


Meet the turtle god
Your weapon of destruction is ready and it’s time to put it to good use. The pygmies have decided to unleash their “god” onto the town, and you are charged with stopping it. The cave is located just south of Hobart’s camp, venture inside Volcanoth’s Lair and open a big can of whoop ass using your handy dandy Bootzooka. Beware though, Volcanoth has a nasty fire breath. Heed the in game warnings and run for cover behind one of the stone walls inside the cave each time he casts this attack. Use your Bootzooka while avoiding the fire breath until Volcanoth is dead.

Old Friends
After defeating Volcanoth, you’ll find yourself trapped inside the cave. Thankfully Sassy is on the job and has come to rescue you in a flying machine of sorts. Speak with Sassy to  be rescued from the collapsing cave only to discover that the volcano has erupted and Town-In-A-Box is no more. But where has everyone gone? Sassy lands you at Warchief’s Lookout where you once again encounter Thrall, who informs you of some grim news. Trade Prince Gallywix has taken all of your Goblin friends prisoner.

Warchief’s Lookout/Tranquil Coast

Repel the Paratroopers
Before you can rescue your friends you must help take care of those pesky Alliance forces. While the Alliance ships are gone, they are now using planes to drop paratroopers onto the coast. Follow the path to the coast and slay 15 paratroopers to complete this quest.

The Heads of the SI:7

The SI:7 leaders can be found in front of tents all along the beach.
Orcs have been murdered in cold blood and it’s time someone paid the price. Aggra, one of the Orcs in Thrall’s camp charges you with the task of killing Commander Arrington, Darkblade Cyn, and Alexi Silenthowl, the three SI:7 leaders currently along the coastline. All three leaders can be found standing outside tents with Alliance flags displayed outside. Alexi Silenthowl is a Worgen who can be found northwest of the entrance to the beach. Move northeast of Alexi to find Darkblade Cyn, a Night Elf. And finally, Commander Arrington is a Human who can be found southwest of the entrance to the beach. Take out all three and collect their heads to complete this quest.

Mine Dispoal, the Goblin Way
While you’re on the coast wiping out paratroopers you may notice the shoreline is littered with land mines. To add insult to injury the land minds are of Gnomish origin. Sassy charges you with detonating the land mines, Goblin style, which roughly translates into taking a satchel of grenades and blowing them up one by one. Right click on the satchel to aim and left click to let the grenade fly. Be sure to be a safe distance away before detonating the mines. Successfully detonate 12 to complete this quest. Keep in mind that stepping on the mines will cause them to explode, doing significant damage and knocking you down in the process. I learned this the hard way.

Return to Warchief’s Lookout to turn in this set of quests and to receive your next task from Sassy Hardwrench.

The Pride of Kezan

Take out those pesky alliance in the Pride of Kezan.
Sassy is determined to show the attacking Gnomes and Dwarves that Goblins are indeed the superior race. In order to prove this Sassy has asked you to take over her plane and shoot down 10 Gnomeregan Stealth Fighters with it. Once inside the plane you will find you have two abilities on your bar; Machine Gun and Wild Weasel Rockets. Machine Gun will be your weapon of choice especially since the Rockets are on a 5 second cooldown, however, do use them whenever they are up. Control the plane just like a flying mount with your mouse and/or keyboard. The other planes DO shoot back, so evasive measures are advised.

Return to Sassy to collect your reward and get your next quest.

The Warchief Wants You
Thrall is true to his word and he is ready to point you in the right direction to start rescuing your Goblin friends. Speak to Thrall to complete this quest and gain a new one.

Borrow Bastia
Thrall wants you to head back to the coast and seek out Kilag and request that he let you make use of Bastia. The panther apparently knows the way to the captured Goblins. So once again head north from Thrall and venture back to the coast. Kilag can be found just at the enwd of the trail.

Let’s Ride
Ride Bastia and seek out and speak to Slinky Sharpshive. Simply accept this quest and you will instantly find yourself aboard Bastia’s back. She will take you exactly where you need to go. Once you arrive  turn in the quest to Slinky.

Sky Falls

The Gallywix Labor Mine

Save Greely and the other captured Goblins before the volcano explodes.
It appears that the Trade Prince is using your friends for forced labor. Thankfully Greely managed to help a few escape, however she was captured herself. Slinky wants you to venture inside the volcano (never mind the fact that it’s due to explode) and seek out Greely who will help you free the other prisoners. The cave entrance is located just to the south of Slinky. Head inside and travel down the ramp and turn right into the doorway and follow the steps down. Take the right path at the bottom of the stairs and continue down the tunnel until you reach Sassy.

Kaja’cola Gives You Ideas! ™
To say the least Assistant Greely is surprised to see you, and sadly enough does not have a brilliant plan to rescue everyone. However, perhaps if you acquire a Kaja’cola Zero-One drink she just might be able to come up with something. Head straight back the way you came and you will come across a can of Kaja’cola near the edge of the bubbling surrounded by dead fish. Pick it up and return to Greely so she can begin brainstorming.

Morale Boost

Kaja'cola - The drink of champions!.
Greely’s first plan of action is to collect 10 more Kaja’cola Zero-One and use it to free Ace, Izzy, Gobber, and 10 other Goblin Survivors or Kezan Citizens. The Kaja’cola can be found throughout the cave, and once again sparkles to make it easy to find. Collect 13 Kaza’cola and then release the prisoners to complete this quest.

Throw It On the Ground!
The second part of Greely’s brilliant plan of attack is to take out the cruel Blastshadow the Brutemaster. There is a problem though (of course) Blastshadow is a warlock and as such he keeps a succubus named Delicia Whipsnaps constantly at his side. However if you kill Blastshadow quickly enough the succubus will be returned to whence it was summoned. Greely also mentions that Blastshadow in typical Warlock fashion has a soulstone. In order to destroy him forever you must not only kill Blastshadow but destroy his soulstone as well. Easy right?

Blastshadow and his succubus can be found at the very north edge of the underground lake. Kill him quickly to rid yourself of the demon and the hurry to his body and right click his soulstone to collect it then throw it at his corpse to prevent him from resurrecting.

Brute Brutality
The third course of action is far more to the point, you simply must kill 6 Brute Overseers which can be found wandering everywhere in the mine. This quest will easily be completed as you complete the two before it.

Speak with Greely to turn in these quests and pick up the next.

Light at the End of the Tunnel
It’s finally time to get yourself and the rest of freed prisoners out of this mine before the volcano blows. To do this as quickly as possible Greely suggests you head out the tunnel on the north side of the cavern and use a mine cart to make your escape. Head west down the tunnel from where you

Another island, another eruption.
killed Blastshadow and continue on as it turns northward until you see light ahead. Once outside turn in the quest at the mine cart and jump on in.

Wild Mine Cart Ride
For this quest you simply have to ride the Mine Cart to the end of line then speak with Assistant Greely once you arrive. Arriving in one piece is not required.

Bligewater Lumber Yard

Shredder Shutdown

Sharks and Spare Parts.
Trade Prince Gallywix is not out of the picture yet. Somehow he has managed to bring along the entire Steamwheedle Sharks foot bomb team and is using them as slave labor in his lumber yard.  They must be removed before you can make your escape. Kill 10 Steamwheedle Sharks to complete this quest. The Sharks can be found just south of the Mine Cart crash site.

The Ultimate Football Uniform
To aid you in the upcoming fight against Trade Prince Gallywix, your rescued Goblin friends have proposed that you collect 10 Spare Shredder Parts that will be used to create the ultimate foot bomb uniform. Thankfully the lumber yard just south of Crosscheck’s location is littered with such parts, the shredder parts can also be obtained from the Steamwheedle Sharks.

Once both quests are complete return to Greely and Crosscheck for your next assignment.

Release the Valves

KTC Oil Rig.
Before you can take on the Trade Prince first you have to deal him a crippling blow. Do this by disabling his oil supply. Venture to the KTC Oil Platform to the northwest and release valves 1-4 to overload the coolant system. Valve 1 can be found just up the entrance ramp on the left side. Go straight back the oil rig from Valve 1 until you come across Valve 2 once again on the left. Move south from Valve 2 and jump at off the platform just beside the house to find Valve 3. Swim north from here until you encounter Valve 4.

Once all the Valves are released return to the Oil Platform and use the Platform Control Panel to complete the quest.

Oil Change
The Shredder Parts you collected are perfect, however, the lubricant in them is useless. Collect Kajaro 0W Grade Oil from KTC Oil Bots while you are at the KTC Oil Platform to the northwest. The KTC Bots can be found wandering the Rig itself and the coastline just outside it’s entrance. Kill them until you have collected 4 Kajaro 0W Grade Oil.

The Fastest Way To His Heart
Some devastating news Chip Endale, your once loyal companion has decided to turn traitor and is currently out on the KTC Oil Platform doing the Trade Prince’s bidding. Not only that but he appears to be dating that trollop Candy Cane. The only logical answer to this betrayal is obviously to rip the Still-Beating Heart from his chest. To find Chip take the ramp onto the Oil Platform and take the first left. There you will find Chip standing outside a doorway. Kill him and collect his heart to complete this quest.

Goodbye Sweet Oil
It’s Time to blow up the Oil Rig and as usual there is a big red button to push that does just that. Press the Big Red Button by right clicking  to complete this quest.

Return the remaining quests to Greely and crew to collect your rewards and gain your next task.

The Slave Pits
The time is finally come for some real action against the Trade Prince. Sassy has made camp at the slave pits, where she and a group of orcs are preparing to launch and attack. You of course should be leading said attack so make your way through the lumber yard to the path that will lead your directly to the slave pits. Speak with Sassy upon arrival.

The Slave Pits

What Kind of Name is Candy Anyway?
It seems Candy Cane really does get around, since you disposed of Chip she has taken on a new boyfriend; the Trade Prince himself. It’s about time you teach her a lesson. Follow the path into the slave pits all the way to it’s end, there you will find Candy. Dispose of her to complete this quest.

Southseas Scum

Slay the SouthSea Scum while saving some Goblin friends (again).
Aggra and Kilag are assaulting the docks to clear the way for a direct attack on the Trade Prince. However before battle can ensue Gallywix’s Southsea mercenaries must be disposed off.

Escape Velocity
With the volcano erupting and the attack on the Trade Prince pending you don’t really have the time to save those who continuously get captured. Never fear though, as Hobart has a plan. Simply take rockets left over from your ultimate foot bomb uniform, head down to the Slave Pits, and affix them to the cages of the captured. That will get them out of there in a hurry.

Once all three quests are complete return them to the top of the path just outside the Slave Pits.

Final Confrontation

Defeat Gallywix in the Ultimate Football Uniform.
This is it! Thrall has begun the attack at the Gallywix Docks, just north of your current location. Jump into your Ultimate Footbomb Uniform and head on over to finish this once and for all. Once inside the vehicle you will see three buttons on your vehicle bar; Illegal Contact, Field Goal, and Blitz.

Use Blitz to get you into the fray then follow up with Field Goal then use Illegal Contact until Field Goal is up again. It will be a close fight, but don’t panic you will prevail and you will be punted back to camp. The Trade Prince will finally see the error of his ways promising to reform the way the cartel is being run. He devotes himself to Thrall, and as a sign of good faith Thrall allows Gallywix to remain Trade Prince of the Bilgewater Cartel, and offers him and the cartel a new home in Azshara. The only stipulation is that the Bilgewater Cartel will become a part of the Horde. Gallywix of course accepts the offer and a new alliance is forged. For the Horde!


The day is won, and all the Goblins will make it off the island before it explodes with a new home awaiting them across the sea. You will be punted to the docks where a ship is waiting, to whisk you and your fellow Goblins away. Speak to Thrall to complete this quest.

Gallywix Docks

Warcheif’s Emissary
Thrall fully intends to induct the Bilgewater Cartel into the ranks of the Horde. Before this can be done, however, he needs to inform the new Orc in charge, Garrosh. To do this you are charged with delivering a package to Thrall’s Kor’kron friend on the docks at Bladefist Bay at your journey’s end. He will help you obtain safe passage into Orgrimmar. Speak with Sassy when you are ready to begin your voyage.


Message For Garrosh

A not so friendly meeting with Garrosh.
You’ve delivered your message and your safe passage into Orgrimmar is ensured. The Kor’kron stresses that you must be sure to tell Garrosh the message came directly from Thrall then offers you his battleworg for faster travel. Accept the quest and the battleworg will take you inside the gates of Orgrimmar, directly to the doors to Garrosh‘s chambers. Deliver your message only to find that Garrosh is not as welcoming as Thrall. Only after seeing your package does he take a second glance. He then informs you that he has captured a hobgoblin that seems to recognize you, and that he has already put several other Goblins to work in Azshara. From this day forward the Bilgewater Cartel will serve the Horde, for better or worse.

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