WoW: Horde Leveling Guide - Eastern Kingdoms 21-40

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Hillsbrad Foothills
Level 20-25
Location Southern Lordaeron
Instances None
Quest Hubs
1. Southpoint Gate
2. Azurelode Mine
3. The Sludge Fields
4. Ruins of Southshore
5. Tarren Mill
6. Eastpoint Tower
Zone Resources
Resource List

The Hillsbrad Foothills is located in southern Lordaeron and is home to many well known places such as Tarren Mill and Southshore.  Once a relatively safe and stable zone dotted with farms and home to mainly Humans loyal to the Alliance. Hillsbrad has a relatively bloody history seeing many skirmishes during the Second War.

The coming of the Cataclysm, however, has once again changed the face of the zone. Since then the Forsaken have all but taken over Hillsbrad, Southshore has been left in ruins and with its destruction came a mass exodus of the remaining humans in the zone. Not a single Alliance town or flight path has been left intact.

Players following the natural flow of the game will come to Hillsbrad Foothills from either Ghostlands or Silverpine Forest. Those coming from Silverpine will be given a breadcrumb quest ( ) to come here after completing the majority of the quests in the zone, however those coming from Ghostlands or elsewhere will need to visit the Warcheif’s Command Board to pick up the quest “Warcheif’s Command: Hillsbrad Foothills”.

Both of these starter quests will turn in at the first stop on your journey into the zone, Southpoint Gate, a small settlement guarding the border from Silverpine Forest into Hillsbrad Foothills.

Southpoint Gate

  • Location: See Zone Map (1)
  • Total Number of Available Quests: Four
  • Elite/Group Quests: N/A
  • Tips: The eggs needed for the quest “Glorious Harvest” can be found ON the backs of the Infested Bears that you need to kill for the quest “Past Their Prime”. Also while here, don’t forget to grab the newly added flight path!
All quests from Southpoint Gate, including the obvious breadcrumb quest “Trouble at Azurelode”, are based around and turn in at one place; Azurelode Mine. Much changed since the Cataclysm. The once Alliance controlled mine has been overtaken by the Horde with the help of newly trained spiders and all humans in the area are being held hostage in their webs.

Azurelode Mine

  • Location: See Zone Map (2)
  • Total Number of Available Quests: Six
  • Elite/Group Quests: N/A
  • Tips: Remember Dumass from the quests at Southpoint Gate? Well he has made it to the Azurelode Mine, but has gotten himself into quite the pickle. Find him and a quest to escort him from the mine deep inside Azurelode Mine.
The quest “Trouble at the Sludge Fields” will take you to the newly erected Sludge Fields which were built over what once was Hillsbrad Fields. The Sludge Fields is for all intents and purposes an internment camp comparable to Nazi Germany, including the “experiments” in the name of science, where those unfortunate human residents that were unable to escape to safety are kept at the mercy of the Forsaken. However a small problem has arisen for the Forsaken as their human experiments turn into uncontrollable monsters.

The Sludge Fields

  • Location: See Zone Map (3)
  • Available Quests: Twelve
  • Elite/Group Quests: N/A
  • Tips: Several of the quests at this location will require you to defeat Elite mobs. Do not worry though as help will be provided to you.
After the “situation” at the Sludge Fens is taken care of and the insane Warden in charge of the compound is dead you will receive the quest “Trouble at Southshore” which will send you along toSouthshore found along the coast of Hillbrad. Once an Alliance port city, Southshore was the main defense for the humans of Hillsbrad against all threats. Since the Cataclysm, however, Southshore has been destroyed by the Forsaken Blight and is now known as the Ruins of Southshore.

Ruins of Southshore

  • Location: See Zone Map (4)
  • Available Quests: Thirteen
  • Elite/Group Quests: Trail of Filth
  • Tips: The quest chain linked to Kingslayer Orkus is one you should NOT miss. Orkus can be found splashing around in the water just south of town at the docks.

If you have completed the Kingslayer Orkus quest chain as mentioned in the tips above, you will receive a free ride to the next quest hub in line, Tarren Mill, to turn in the quest “Heroes of the Horde”. Tarren Mill is located in northern Hillsbrad Foothills and has been updated with a brand new look including Forsaken architecture after Cataclysm. Thanks to its proximity to the mountains in the region Tarren Mill has a “small” yeti problem.

Tarren Mill

  • Location: See Zone Map (5)
  • Available Quests: Seventeen
  • Elite/Group Quests: Yetimus the Yeti Lord
  • Tips: While doing the quest line beginning with the quest “Cry of the Banshee” be sure to visit Sofera’s Naze first to complete this quest and set the explosive for the quest “Breaking the Hand”. Once “Cry of the Banshee” is completed you will receive the follow up quest “Decimation” for Corrahn's Dagger. Go there, plant the explosive for “Breaking the Hand“ and finish “Decimation”. Once “Decimation” is completed you will once again be granted two follow up quests, “Infiltration” and “Deception and Trickery” both of which will take you to the Headland. The quest “Deception and Trickery” will make you friendly to the Stormpike NPCs for the duration of the quest, making it an easy task to plant the last explosive for “Breaking the Hand”. You can also kill the needed NPCs for “Infiltration” by simply speaking with them and you will not aggro any of the surrounding mobs.

Early on while questing in Tarren Mill you will receive a quest labeled “Eastpoint Tower” which will lead you to the next quest hub in Tarren Mill, Eastpoint Tower. Located southwest of Durnholde Keep, the tower was originally guarded by the Syndicate but was claimed by the Forsaken during the Cataclysm.

Eastpoint Tower

  • Location: See Zone Map (6)
  • Available Quests: Eight
  • Elite/Group Quests: The Durnholde Challenge: Zephyrus/The Durnholde Challenge Teracula/The Durnholde Challenge: Bloodvenom/The Durnholde Challenge: Infernus/The Durnholde Challenge: D-1000
  • Tips: While Eastpoint Tower is certainly not much to look at it comes equipped with it’s very own flight path and inn.

Once you have completed all the quests in Eastpoint Tower you should be level 25 or perhaps a little above and will undoubtedly be ready to move on to the next zone. “Warchief’s Command: Arathi Highlands!” will send you to your next destination and can be picked up from the Warchief’s Command board at Tarren Mill or Eastpoint Tower.

Congratulations on successfully completing Hillsbrad Foothills!

Zone Resources

Stranglekelp Copper Light Leather Wool
Kingsblood Tin Light Hide Silk
Liferoot Silver Medium Leather
Mageroyal Iron Medium Hide
Swiftthistle Gold
Briarthorn Mithril
Bruiseweed Truesilver
Khadgar's Whisker

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