Oracles/Frenzyheart Reputation Guide

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Getting Started with the Oracles and Frenzyheart

The Oracles are a murloc-like gorloc tribe that inhabits Sholazar Basin. They feel they are guardians of the titan technology that remains in the Basin. The Oracles are part of an ever escalating territorial war with the Frenzyheart Tribe. The Frenzyheart Tribe are fierce wolvar who were driven from their lands by the Scourge. Once they came across Sholazar Basin they decided to make it their home. Their aggressive nature is the reason for the war with the Oracles.

Starting with the quest Playing Along, which is given by Tracker Gekgek after you have killed Pitch, you will begin a chain of quests that will first acquaint you with the Frenzyheart Tribe and then with the Oracles. This has no actual bearing on your ultimate choice of faction so don’t panic. Just continue to do the quests until you reach A Hero's Burden.

A Hero's Burden

Upon completion A Hero's Burden will allow you to begin your journey towards real reputation gain with either the Oracles or the Frenzyhearts . The quest is given by Moodle and requires the player to kill Artruis the Heartless. Artruis is a level 77 elite lich, located in the Sundered Shard which is east of the Lifeblood Pillar. While Artruis is very powerful he may be killed solo by some classes, but it is always smart to bring some help along just in case.

Once engaged, killing Artruis comes in three phases. In phase one Artruis will position himself at the back of the cave with a wolvar, Zepik the Gorloc Hunter, and a gorloc, Jaloot on either side of him. He will cast Frost Bolt, Frost Nova, Ice Lance, and even engage in melee in his attempts to kill you

In Phase Two Artruis will encase himself in ice and will turn Zepik and Jaloot against you. This is the crucial point in the fight. Killing one of the NPCs allows you to align with the other faction after the fight. So if you want to ally with the Oracles, you would need to kill Zepik, however if you choose to ally with the Frenzyheart Tribe you will need to kill Jaloot.

Once either Zepik or Jaloot is killed, Artruis will reactivate, starting Phase Three. Phase Three is much like Phase One except the NPC that you left alive will now help you complete the battle. Once defeated you will be offered a either the quest Frenzyheart Champion from Zepik or Hand of the Oracles from Jaloot allowing you to become aligned with that faction.

Changing Factions

If at any time you feel you have made a mistake in your choice, or you have simply reached exalted and are ready to change from one faction to the other all you need to do is go back and kill Artruis. This time though you will want to kill the opposite NPC than you did the first time. Keep in mind that once you switch factions all reputation gains will be lost permanently. Also any items you purchased from the opposite faction that required a certain amount of reputation (Revered, Exalted) will no longer be useable. You may only switch between the two factions once a day.

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