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Aion Asmodae Ishalgen Quest Guide

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Welcome to the dark and often dangerous lands of Ishalgen.  If you are Asmodian, this is the beginning zone in which you will start your gaming experience!  Ten Ton Hammer's Jeff "Ethec" Woleslagle walked readers through a tour of Ishalgen in his Asmodae Ishalgen Guide, highlighting must see areas and touching upon several of the interesting quests you will find here.  This companion guide lists the quests you will find in Ishalgen, and tells you who gives them. 

Many of these quests give much desired rewards for the new player, so don't skip them if you don't have to!  If you aren't sure where to find the quest giver of the quest you are looking for, use the pathfinding feature by typing /pathfinding NPC's Name (Example:  /pathfinding Asak).  This should mark the NPC on your map making him easy to find.

Also please remember to check your Campaign quests.  These are listed on the "Campaign" tab of your quest journal (press your "J" key to open the journal).  These storyline quests give the better rewards and are important to the progression of your character.

Map of Ishalgen



Ishalgen Quests


Quest Title

Quest Level

Quest Giver

1 Asak
1 Vandarnt
3 Vandarnt
2 Vanar
2 Vanar
3 Vanar
2 Automatically Given
3 Bacorerk
3 Nobekk
3 Bolira
3 Bolir
4 Urd
4 Kaindal
4 Dabi
5 Motgar
5 Dabi
5 Dalor
6 Denma
6 Mijou
6 Derot
6 Derot
6 Lidun
6 Lidun
7 Mijou
7 Jephani
7 Munin
8 Mijou
8 Alfrigh
8 Alfrigh
8 Devalin
8 Devalin
9 Nalto
9 Munin
10 Munin
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