Aion Opens the Nightmare Circus Instance

Get your Halloween fix and save the Queen of Dreams from Aion’s Nightmare Lord Heiramune in the new Nightmare Circus instance.

NCsoft has popped the lock on a new instance for Aion today with the Nightmare Circus dungeon. The instance is designed for 2-6 players of level 30 or higher, tasking players with rescuing Yume, the Queen of Dreams, from Nightmare Lord Heiramune.

Nightmare Lord Heiramune has kidnapped the Queen of Dreams, Yume! Currently in the realm of dreams, Heiramune plans to use Yume’s powers to manifest dreams into a reality so his Nightmare Circus can invade Atreia. Help save Yume and unlock treasures at the Nightmare Circus!

The multi-stage instance comes with its own set of rewards acquired via Normal and Greater Nightmare Crates. Read all about what's available on the Nightmare Circus event page.

Source: Aion Nightmare Circus Instance

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