Aion is holding its own mega-million lottery of sorts over the next 8 weeks. The Mega Kinah Millions event is set to get underway this week. Players of at least level 30 can claim one free Fortune Ticket per character each week from Fortunerk in various Atreian cities and outposts and as an added bonus with the purchase of a Large Cube that will be used in a weekly drawing for Kinah prizes.

Tickets can be claimed any time between Sunday 7:00pm CT through Saturday 7:00pm CT. Drawings for prizes will be held each Saturday at 7:00pm CT over a 10 minute period to decide the winners for that week. The top three selected winners in the drawing will receive one of the following prizes.

  • 1st Place Winners: 300,000,000 Kinah
  • 2nd Place Winners: 30,000,000 Kinah
  • 3rd Place Winners: 30,000 Kinah

Check out the Aion event page for all the rules and details.

Source: Aion’s Mega Kinah Millions Event

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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