10 Top Popular Free Slot Machines Based on Video Games

"Video games have democratized the nature of storytelling, which allows players to take part in the stories being told." This quote from Greg Perreault, a media researcher, highlights the draw of video games across age groups: they make our favorite stories accessible. Movies may influence the original telling of stories, but video games let us live those adventures. Many of them have been translated into slots, which demonstrates that we crave immersion into the worlds we find powerful, engaging, or just plain fun. Below, we look at the ten most popular free slot machines based on video games.

Cleopatra: Queen of the Nile Online Game vs. Queen of the Nile Slot

When considering some of the most iconic faces across media, Cleopatra's striking features and iconic Egyptian headpiece are first in mind. She debuted in pop culture during the 1960s with movies such as Cleopatra and Queen of the Nile. It comes as no surprise that two of the first popular online games were Pharaoh and its highly successful expansion, Cleopatra: Queen of the Nile.

These video games allowed players to immerse themselves in Egyptian culture and follow the Queen through various campaigns and missions to build Egyptian pyramids and armies. Shortly after that, Queen of the Nile slots began appearing in physical and online casinos.

Although the games' goals are different—building an empire versus earning coins—some features translated clearly between the video game and the slot machine title.

  • Cleopatra's design is nearly identical, featuring her character's distinguished makeup, haircut, and headpiece.
  • Both titles aim to fully immerse the player in an Egyptian setting via flashy graphics of pyramids, hieroglyphics, and Pharaoh-like accessories.
  • In each title, the goal is to expand your empire in the face of random events. In the original PC title, you succeed by battling the randomly generated curses, such as locusts, that threaten your domination. In the slot version, strategy and a bit of luck make up the solution to beating the odds and collecting more coins to build your winnings.

Due to the incredible popularity of both the video title and slot game, Aristocrat has also released a free version of the slot title. Those who love the original PC title and are curious about the slot format will be happy to learn that — unlike the PC version — Queen of the Nile slot machine is free no download and comes with bonus titles. This new version requires no sign-up and no installation. It's available for online mobile play via freeslotshub.com website with bonus rounds included. Time will tell if this free version will also join the ranks of pop culture royalty.

Bejeweled Game vs. Bejeweled Free Slot

This easy, brightly colored title from PopCap has been entertaining the masses since 2006. Due to its addictively fast-paced play, it became an instant phenomenon for anyone with access to a computer or PDA.

Bejeweled was turned into a free online slot title shortly after that and featured nearly identical gameplay.

  • Swap game tiles on the grid-shaped board to create horizontal or vertical lines of matching gems.
  • Line up three or more jewels to clear the row.
  • Every row cleared earns you points.
  • And when a row is cleared, new jewels enter the board for you to swap.
  • The more identical jewels in a row, the more points/coins you earn.

There are a few differences, of course. The main one: in the Bejeweled video title, players can only earn points at a steady pace. In the Bejeweled slot version, players can wager their coins, so their overall winnings depend on how the title pans out. Additionally:

  • Different size boards. The original game is a 9x9 grid, whereas the free slot one has 5 reels, meaning the "board" is 5x3.
  • Wilds. The video game doesn't offer any wilds to make gameplay easier; yet, the slot includes wilds, signified with the Bejeweled logo, which can "stand in" as a gem.
  • Jackpot. Though you certainly earn more points for eliminating larger rows in the video game, the free slot takes it a step further. When you align 5 wilds, you're automatically rewarded with 20,000 coins.

So why has this pokie endured such high levels of popularity? The answer's simple: it's bright, colorful, fast, and (relatively) easy. Gameplay takes seconds to learn, but the ever-changing puzzle lets players continue for hours without getting bored.

Call of Duty Video Game vs. Call of Duty Slot Machine

Call of Duty is a legendary video game that's playable across a wide variety of platforms, including slots. First released in 2003, COD is a first-person shooter. The first title and many of its sequels are set during WWII, but special additions like Black Ops are set during the Cold War.

The free slot title adaptation of COD is focused around the recognizable symbols that appear throughout the original, such as the COD logo, weapons, and tools. The slot version is a classic 5-reel title. When players trigger the bonus round, they're rewarded with an opportunity to shoot enemies in a throwback to original COD.

COD has remained popular for so long, with avid fans around the world, for a few simple reasons.

  • COD has a long-term fanbase because it set the standard for first-person shooter titles.
  • It's a relatively easy title to learn, especially for players who might be unfamiliar with FPS titles and want to break into this sector of video titles.
  • It's an action-filled, engaging title supported by realistic sound effects and well-rendered graphics.

Reviewer Dan Adams from IGN summed up the fan base feeling when he said, "You have to love a game that glues you to your seat and keeps you interested... A thrilling piece of software that action fans should grab a hold of and love fiercely." Source: IGN

Tomb Raider Video Game vs. Tomb Raider Video Game

The Tomb Raider Video Title was first released in 1996 and has inspired further releases of this pokie, movies, and slot titles in the 24 years since. Both the video title and the slot have gained a faithful following, but why?

  • The tomb raider herself is a driving part of the intrigue—Lara Croft is a alluring and robust character who travels around the world on action-filled missions.
  • The title blends realistic pieces of history with mystical lore to invite exploration.
  • Unlimited adventures to save lost artifacts and idols, while braving tigers and other fierce creatures.

The video game is set up for players to navigate around the world of the title while fending off enemies and collecting treasure around the world by solving puzzles. The slot title offers a similar option. In addition to utilizing classic symbols, such as tiger, idols, and Lara herself, there are also hidden bonuses that are waiting to be uncovered.

One bonus that players can discover is the option for 10 free spins if you land on 3 Lara Croft symbols. If you continue to land 3 more of them, even in the bonus round, you can just keep going! And when you're fortunate enough to land on three idols, you'll be rewarded with the option to choose your treasure.

Hitman Video Game vs. Hitman Slot Game

The Hitman video title gained notoriety for its thrilling story of an assassin known as Agent 47, who received an extensive hit list from an unknown source. The closer the player came to completing all the kills, the more they discovered about the sinister character orchestrating those hits.

The video game featured an open sandbox, allowing players the freedom to explore the world and choose their weapons. The slot title adaptation kept much of the video game's essence due to the following reasons:

  • Agent 47, who remains the principal character in the video slot.
  • Symbols on the slot include weapons that Agent 47 used, such as guns, knives, and machine guns, plus dollar bills to remind you never to kill anyone for free.
  • The signature soundtrack plays in the background and escalates as the stakes rise.
  • Landing on 3 laptop symbols triggers a bonus round where you choose an enemy out of a lineup and your weapon to win a multiplier.

This creative shooting title, combined with its mysterious backstory, continues to fascinate new fans through the years.

Resident Evil Video Game vs. Resident Evil Slot Game

As far as successful franchises go, Resident Evil easily makes a list. This action-horror title has successfully spawned many sequels, slot titles, and even landed its film franchise. The video game was a leader in the realm of survival horror titles with a storyline centered around a weaponized virus that turns regular people into murderous zombies. Let's look a little closer at how the original video elements carried through the franchise.

  • The cast of characters (including Leon, Chris, Jack, and Ada) carry the story—and the fate of the world—but were left out of the initial slot adaptation from Skywind. However, the Resident Evil 6 slot saw the return of those characters, who feature heavily as symbols and bonus game participants. The movie series surrounds a film-only character named Alice, but the rest of the gang is weaved into the movie plot, too.
  • All adaptations make sure to keep the horror aspect of the original game alive and well. Between jumpscares from crazed zombies and a spooky soundtrack that builds intensity, horror is the hallmark of all things Resident Evil. 
  • Fighting zombies is exhilarating—and a large part of the original video title. Both slot titles have a throwback bonus round available, which allows players to take aim and stop a zombie before it's too late.

Lastly, for some players, the biggest draw of the title is to beat the odds to become a hero; if you stay alive long enough, you could even save the world.

Iron Man Video Game vs. Iron Man Slot Game

Iron Man is a legendary superhero, known for his incredible technology-powered suit of armor. The original video title was released alongside the first Iron Man film. Both the movie and game follow Tony Stark, a billionaire who is captured in the Middle East and must build his innovative Iron Man suit to escape. There are some pretty significant differences between the video game, VR, and slot titles versions of this iconic story.

  • The video game focuses on players solving puzzles and exploring the world to build the suit, allowing the player to become Iron Man himself eventually.
  • In contrast, the virtual reality title is largely played from within the already-built suit. Players move their arms and turn their head to control and interact with J.A.R.V.A.I.S., then explore the world as a superhero.
  • The slot title brought over the look of Iron Man, but not much else. There are no interactive animations, bonus titles, or clips from the movie. Instead, players will find different faces of Tony Stark and Iron Man, along with the logo for Stark Industries.

This title has remained so popular through the years for a simple reason: who wouldn't want to spend a day as Tony Stark or Iron Man?

Wonder Woman Video Game vs. Wonder Woman Slot Game

Wonder Woman has been a staple superhero on a worldwide scale for decades, but she hasn't been heavily supported in the video game community. She's included in a lot of titles but always as a side character instead of a star. Diana Prince's superhero persona is a playable character in many Justice League titles, and she features as an evil character in the Injustice Titles.

Someone finally made a title about her, a flash game, and it didn't exactly receive popularity or quality design that befits the Queen of the Amazons. A slot title was later developed with better graphics, which pays homage to her iconic look and weapons. Across all video games and slot versions, several important aspects of her character remain:

  • The Lasso of Truth, which forces anyone it ensnares to speak with honesty;
  • Unbreakable Gauntlets, which can deflect bullets;
  • Superhero powers, such as strength, speed, flight, and lightning-fast reflexes.

Most of all, every title carries Wonder Woman's most valuable quality: she was the first. Wonder Woman was the first female superhero in American comics and to receive her own titular movie. Her essential qualities of honesty and loyalty to the world show up in every rendition, with one of her most famous quotes being, "I will fight for those who cannot fight for themselves." It's high time she received her own independent video game.

King Kong Online Game vs. King Kong Slot Game

The King Kong title, inspired by the original 1933 film and its remakes, is mostly a first-person shooter game that allows the player to take on the challenges of Skull Island. It also allows the player to act as Kong and battle against dinosaurs bent to destroy him. The video game and slot follow an almost identical plot progression, borrowed from the movies:

  • Begin on Skull Island, where the jungle is filled with dangerous creatures like V-Rexes. The players are immersed in a mysterious new world.
  • Once Kong has been captured by the crew, gameplay progresses to the Big City. King Kong eventually breaks free and goes on a rampage through the city
  • King Kong climbs the Empire State building and tries to protect the story's heroine, Ann, from destruction. Although the video title ends with King Kong's death, the free slot title returns the player to the jungle so gameplay can begin again.

In the end, both versions bring into play King Kong's unique balance of monstrous nature and his capacity for human connection, while engaging the player in an exciting battle that unites the unknown with reality.

Age of Gladiators Online Game vs. Gladiators Free Slot Game

The influence of the Roman Empire stretches to the 21st century, this time in game form. The original video title, made after the 2000 release of the movie Gladiator, allows the player to act as a gladiator manager. You work within the confines of the Colosseum, working on training, protecting, and healing your team of gladiators. However, in subsequent adaptations, much of the film's original story was lost.

  • The movie itself focuses on one character, Maximus, who is a general-turned-slave-turned-gladiator and is incredibly successful through his training. The film also focuses on themes of betrayal and love, which aren't carried over elsewhere.
  • The first and second video title adaptations focus on training an entire group of gladiators. Many of them are injured or killed, and the goal of both titles is to maintain a balance of money and gladiators on your team.
  • The slot title incorporates symbols of the era, i.e., the Colosseum, gladiator helmets, and so on, but there are no bonus titles to link it back to the video game.

All adaptations have been quite popular with the Gladiator fanbase, however. Those who love history, mainly Roman history and the time of the gladiators, are pleased to find a way to immerse themselves among the battle for glory and freedom.

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Last Updated: Mar 11, 2020