2020 Must-Have Game Room Set-Up

Are you looking for the must-have game room set-up? Check out our guide to the best game rooms with hot Black Friday deals at Walmart to transform your space. 

Whether you like to spend your time on a first-person shooter or prefer a fantasy RPG, having the right set-up in your game room can make a real difference.

If you’re not comfy and can’t focus, you’re never going to nail the kills in CoD Warzone. By contrast, if you’re feeling in the zone, you’re going to be rising to the top of the battle royale leaderboard.

But a top games room set-up is about more than just a great chair or soft cushions. Here are a few must-have suggestions for every gamer’s perfect room. 

Planning Your Space

You might have a whole basement dedicated to just gaming, or perhaps you’ve got a multi-use area, such as a bedroom. It doesn’t matter what type of game room you have, the key is making it convenient and easy to access when it’s time to play.

Having to move furniture or turn screens around will quickly become irritating. You should therefore plan the layout of your room to allow you to simply switch on your console and start playing.

This means you’ll need to think about different types of seating, desks, lighting and storage, but you don’t need to break the bank to get what you want. Black Friday deals at Walmart are the perfect way to completely redesign your gaming space without spending a small fortune.

Here’s a closer look at the various aspects.


Being in the right position to play and having easy access to your consoles is so important for any game room. However, if you don’t have the right tech, your gaming will be a disappointment. The games console is only the first step; there’s lots more to consider.

Quality audio will make your gaming more immersive. If you plan on playing solo, a topnotch pair of headphones will do the job. If you expect to have company, you’ll need to invest in speakers.

A soundbar works well in smaller rooms, and a subwoofer can take low-frequency sounds to the next level. However, for larger rooms, a surround sound speaker system can really amplify the experience.

Is there any other tech to consider? The list is almost endless; you can take it as far as your budget allows. Black Friday is the ideal time to top up your tech, giving you the best available at a fraction of the cost.

In the Walmart deals available this Black Friday, there are laptops with up to 38% off, representing a huge saving. If you’re just setting up your game room, it’s the perfect time to stock up on the basics, with routers available with a 42% discount.

Ambient Lighting

Lighting in your game room is vital for creating the right atmosphere and the available options are exciting.

Smart bulbs sync with devices such as Alexa, giving you the option of a rainbow of colours plus lighting that pulses in time with your game or music. An app on your phone controls the colour of the bulb, as well as the brightness and other features. This latest technology means you don’t need an expensive rig to have lighting that looks like a pro set-up.

Go a little extra with lighting strips around your room too. Places to consider include on the edge of your desk, around the monitor/s and console, along the walls and under key pieces of decoration.

Lighting is important for every type of gaming but if you hit the Black Friday sales, you can find all the smart LED bulbs, lamps and studio lighting you need with up to 45% off the regular price.


If you’re in a larger game room, you can set up two separate areas of seating. The first is for those who are actively playing, and the other is for just hanging out. This creates a space which is perfectly suited to gaming with a bigger group of friends.

If your game room is smaller, your priority is on seating which is in the right spot for play and that you’ll feel comfortable in for hours.

A sofa bed is a good pick, as it’s roomy and gives your friends a place to crash if your session goes on into the night. La-Z-Boy-style chairs are another excellent option, offering style and comfort for small and large rooms alike.


Most gamers have many games on download, but if you’re also the proud owner of hard copies, choose a storage solution which shows them off. This can ramp up the vibe of your game room, as well as being practical for access.

Your room should reflect your love of gaming so why not have everything on display? From open shelves for figurines through to units with multiple compartments for your consoles, the right storage will transform your space.




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Last Updated: Nov 18, 2020

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