2022’s Top 3 Cheapest but Decent Gaming Keyboard and Mouse

Gaming has shaped the way computer hardware and peripherals manufacturers create their masterpieces. From processors, RAM, and graphic processing units to monitors, headsets, keyboards, and mouse.

The keyboard and mouse play a crucial role in gaming as these peripherals have direct contact with your hands. With this in mind, they must be comfortable even during long hours of use. This is especially true whether you are playing hardcore first-person shooting games or a relaxing casino game from an online casino.

If your hands are starting to feel pain from your old keyboard and mouse, then it’s about time to replace it with one of the top gaming keyboard and mouse combos below.

Havit Rainbow

Havit has released yet another gaming combo, this time with seven vibrant rainbow breathing lighting effects.

There is no need for additional firmware or software with this USB-connected keyboard and mouse. Plugin a USB cable, and you’re ready to go.

The Havit Rainbow keyboard can detect 19 keys simultaneously without conflict and includes 11 multimedia keys (FN+F1 to F12). While gaming, you can configure the WASD keys and deactivate the WIN key.

This is a full-size keyboard with a number pad and arrow keys, so expect it to take a lot of space on your desk. Its short wrist rest is fixed, adding to the overall size. It lacks mechanical switches, but the keys are clicky enough for gaming. Moreover, its ergonomic finish also contributes to the keyboard’s comfort for PC gamers.

Moving on, the exterior of the gaming mouse has a vibrant blue spider-web design. This is very appealing, particularly in the dark. The user-friendly mouse has four DPI levels from 800 to 3200 and a flashing display. The mouse has six buttons for improved efficiency and productivity.

At under $35, this is one of the most affordable decent gaming keyboard and mouse combos available.


The Pictek LED gaming keyboard and mouse are available in various bright colors and can be a fantastic addition to your PC setup. 

The keyboard has backlit modes that are adjustable, and a logo leak light and light stripes on its sides. With its independent crater structure, allowing quiet key clicks, its durability is above average. Furthermore, it has twice the key life of a regular wired keyboard. 

However, the oil-jet laser engraved design on the keys fades quickly. Fortunately, if you’re a serious gamer, the keyboard has 19 anti-ghosting keys for games like League of Legends and World of Warcraft.

The Pictek gaming mouse has an advanced optical sensor and four levels of DPI settings from 800 to 2400. You can style the mouse to your preference using the seven customizable mouse buttons, and its surface is very comfortable to hold.

Moreover, the Pictek package has anti-slip, allowing precise gaming inputs, and it is resistant to spills, making it extra durable. This keyboard and mouse combo costs only around $30, making it very affordable for its features.


Chonchow’s keyboard and mouse combo is the favorite pick for minimalist gamers and one of the most popular combos on the market.

The keyboard’s unique design includes the correct angle tilt and sturdy ABS keycaps, reducing hand fatigue. It has a 4-level brightness adjustment and RGB lighting, allowing you to quickly find the right keys while playing in a dark room and helps reduce typographical errors. Its anti-ghosting technology will let you use 26 keys at the same time without conflict.

While Chonchow is a membrane keyboard, it features a clicky feel similar to a mechanical keyboard. It has an ergonomic finish with a 10-degree tilt that allows you to play your favorite games more enjoyable - you should not experience any fatigue throughout long gaming sessions.

However, this keyboard only has the standard keys you’ll need to operate it. Multimedia keys are not present, but the Fn button set is included if you need to be productive.

On the other hand, its optical sensor and mouse performance are very accurate, and Its DPI can be increased to 3200. Moreover, it has RGB lighting and only regular buttons, a scroller, and a button to adjust the DPI.

Overall, for only around $20, you’ll have a cheap keyboard with a lightning-fast gaming engine, a powerful mouse, and a stylish mousepad for a good starter gaming setup.

Having a decent keyboard and mouse combo doesn’t mean that you have to spend a fortune. These three keyboards and mouse combos can give you a good budget gaming PC setup and a great gaming experience without breaking your bank.


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Last Updated: Feb 16, 2022

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