The man behind 2Moons to the West answers our questions about the game has had a chance to sit down with David Perry. Give us a little background on 2Moons. How did the idea begin? What was Acclaim's motivation for an MMO?

David Perry: I'm just one of these people that want to fire up a game and have fun. If I'm required to know the back history of 5 clans, or watch 20 minutes of cinematics, or read a website before I can have fun, it just bugs me. So I've been toying with the idea of making an MMO that's easy to get into, easy to understand, possibly funny at points, but that makes you feel bad-ass. Not wanting to wait 3 years to find out how it went, I looked for games/engines that could be a match. The closest I could find was a game called Dekaron made by GameHi in Korea. So now I had to convince the creator of that game to let me make any changes (not small ones, big ones, like "Erm... Would you mind if we changed the entire story?") They agreed! So being on a roll I made a list of "difficult requests" and flew to Korea again to explain those in person. Again, they seem receptive and are working on those. The great news is that we are just a few months away from launch.

So I've teamed up with a publisher with no Baggage, in the form of Acclaim. Howard Marks (the CEO) was one of the guys that brought Activision back from Bankruptcy, and as you know it's massive today. He's now doing the same thing with the Acclaim brand. He's backing this concept 150% and so I say he's either crazy or a pioneer. Only time will tell, but you can be certain he'll have a lot of consumer fans that got to play his games for free.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016