3 Secret Tips How to Get Luck and Winning Lottery Numbers

Many Indian residents enjoy playing lotteries. Some of them win substantial monetary prizes. Play online lottery from India at https://ganeshgoldenlottery.com/ and you will have high chances to win! From this text, you will get to know how to enhance your odds to hit a jackpot.

Select a Reliable Lottery That Is Legal in India

The most famous lotteries in the country are supported by the government. They have a long history and an impeccable reputation. The riskiest lotteries are the newest ones. However, not all new lotteries are scams. If you buy a cheap ticket for a new venture, your risks will be minimal.

Some large international lotteries do not sell tickets in India. But you still can take part in them with the help of reliable mediators that have offline offices in foreign countries. This is how this scheme works.

  1. Sign up for the mediator’s site.
  2. Top up your balance with cash.
  3. Choose a lottery.
  4. Purchase a ticket.
  5. Cross out the numbers.
  6. A mediator’s representative will buy a ticket for you in a country where it is legally possible.
  7. They will mark in the ticket the numbers that you chose.
  8. They will send a scan of your ticket to your email and to your user profile on the mediator’s site.
  9. Wait till the draw.

Apart from online lottery ticket purchases, many sites feature online games. Usually, you can launch arcades there. Some platforms have scratch cards and table games too.

If you win, you might not need to share your prize with the mediator. Most mediators make money on selling tickets with a small surcharge. If the prize that you win in a foreign lottery is not too large, you can get it on your Indian bank card, bank account or web wallet. If you hit a jackpot, you might need to visit the organizer’s office in person. You will not need to pay for your flights and accommodation from your pocket.

Winner should be ready to pay taxes. For Indians, it is 30%. If you hit the jackpot, this ratio would be even higher. Plus, you might need to pay the tax in the state where the lottery is registered.

Genuine lotteries will never ask you to transfer to them funds to collect the prize. But it is a common trick among scammers.

Avoid super popular lotteries. The more people participate in a draw, the lower your chances to win. Not-too-popular lotteries might contain smaller prizes, but fewer people would be competing for them.

Also, it does not make sense to take part in lotteries that have accumulated huge jackpots and give a lot of advertising to announce it. Even people who never buy lottery tickets will be tempted to try their luck. Your odds to win will be minimal.

Some lotteries feature second chances. For instance, you purchase a ticket, and it does not win. But you can use it for a second time to compete for a smaller prize. In this case, you will not be able to win millions — but you might win hundreds of thousands of dollars.

If some of your friends or relatives have won a big cash prize in a certain lottery, it does mean that you will be just as lucky in that lottery. It just means that its organizers are honest people, and you can trust this project. But it would be irrational to imitate someone else’s strategy.

Do not forget to claim winnings! Some jackpot winners never claim their prizes simply because they forgot about the draw. Or they might think that the lottery organizers will get in touch with them and invite them to collect the prizes. But the organizers of most lotteries do not do that. They just share the results of the draws through the following channels.

  • the official site of the lottery;
  • the free app of the project;
  • profile resources that publish such information;
  • the sites of dealers that sell tickets online;
  • newspapers;
  • social networks.

If you purchase your ticket through a dealer, they might notify you when you win. They might send you a sms or an email. If you install an app, it may send you a push notification.

Not all lotteries allow their winners to remain anonymous. They might want to take a picture of you and put it on the main page of their website. Some players dislike this idea for security reasons or because they are too shy. Yet the organizers might insist on the photoshoot since it proves the credibility of their project.

Buy Many Tickets and Do It Regularly

The more tickets you purchase, the higher your chances to win. Yes, such an approach might seem to require large expenses. But when you finally get the prize, it will be considerably bigger than the cost of tickets that you purchased. Calculate which sum you can afford to spend on lotteries each week. Never exceed this limit and never miss a single week.

You can join forces with your friends. Together, you can buy more tickets. Some people dislike this idea because they will need to share their prizes if they win. But if you win 1 million USD, you will probably be satisfied if you get just one third of it.

If you occasionally find someone else’s lottery ticket, check its numbers just in case. Maybe, its previous owner lost it — and this means you have a right to claim their winnings. If you do not want someone else to use your tickets, you can sign them.

Develop a Reasonable Strategy for Choosing Numbers

The outcome of honest lotteries always depends on pure luck. They stream their draws in real time. Even if you are a math genius, you will not be able to predict the outcome in advance. However, you can rely on certain patterns and regularities.

The easiest strategy is to buy tickets to the same lottery every week and always indicate the same sequence of numbers. Sooner or later, it should bring you the prize.

Never pick consecutive numbers. Too many customers commit this mistake! If you check the results of past draws, you will rarely come across consecutive numbers. Still, every week, many participants of the most famous lotteries in the world would choose 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

When analyzing the outcome of past draws, try to estimate the range of the sums of winning numbers. For instance, you need to guess 5 numbers, from 1 to 55. According to the statistics of the previous draws, the sum of these numbers will be likely to fall within the range from 104 to 176.

Select numbers that end with different digits. It is highly unlikely that a combination of 7, 17, 27, 37 and 47 will win.

Some players are a bit superstitious about numerology. They choose the numbers of their birthdays, their phone numbers or some other numbers that are important for them. Normally, this does not make sense because you limit your choice. Since each month contains a maximum of 31 days and each year has 12 months, you will be using numbers that are larger than 31 and 12 too rarely. The combination of digits in your phone number might contradict the principles that were described above — for instance, it might fail to fall within the winning range.


No method can guarantee you a 100% win in a legal online lottery in India. But if you rely on the tips from this article, they will enhance your odds of getting a cash prize. Buy tickets for well-known and credible lotteries. Check the results as soon as the draw that you took part in is over. Build a reasonable strategy for predicting numbers. Be persistent, never lose hope and one day, fortune will favor you! Plus, you will experience plenty of vivid emotions.

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Last Updated: May 31, 2021