Online games often keep you occupied through their excellent storyline and game-play options. You spend hours playing these games; sometimes even stay awake at night to pass a specific level. But what if you could make the game easier? What if you could skip the most challenging level of the game and stay ahead of your friends? Everything is possible if you use some trickery to beat the levels. Here’s what you need to do.

1) Download source files

Many websites provide source files for popular games so that players can override the levels and make them more manageable — for example, Counter-Strike. If you want to find your enemies before they do, download one of the hack files from CS cheat websites. It will contain a program file message. Copy the message and paste it in your source folder. Restart the game, and you may see changes in the game like invisible walls.

When the cheating program files override the original game files, they tweak with the game settings. This allows you to cruise through the game comfortably.

2) Find hidden coins

Many online games ask players to find hidden gems, gift cards, and coins that they can use to level up their characters. But it is a challenge finding these gems because you need to play the game thoroughly. Those who feel impatient and don’t want to go through the trouble of playing the entire game can use online cheat codes. Many sites provide precise codes that help players received extra coins and even free gift cards while playing the first few levels.

It is a simple process to use these codes. Check the type of code you want to use. For example, if you wish to earn extra coins, you need to select the respective code from the list. There is no one-code fits all system here. Copy the code and run the game. When you begin the game, paste the code and re-run the game. The changes will take place, and you will see more coins as you start playing.

3) Creating macros

Creating simple macros can also make your character more powerful in the game. It is also a way of tweaking the online game settings. You need to use scripts for the respective power you want to achieve in your character. For example, if you would like quickfire, you can select the respective script and override the settings using the message in it. This is almost like a combination of using cheat codes and changing source files.

4) Purchase dedicated cheating programs

Although this goes a bit too far because it involves a significant amount of money, the results are pretty satisfactory. You need to install the CD before playing the game. The program will change the settings of the game, allowing you to score better in every level.

Cheating is not the ideal way to play online games. But it sure makes it more interesting because you can cross levels quickly, thus having more enthusiasm to reach the last part of the game.

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Last Updated: Aug 26, 2019