4 Ways to Make Yourself a Better Gambler

It’s no secret that gambling is an increasingly popular pastime among people all over the world. With the rise and rise of online casinos offering great games like Pachinko (and other slots), there are thousands of budding players who enjoy the entertainment of the experience and the thrill of winning big.

But how can you set yourself apart from the chasing pack? How can you improve your success rate and start to turn those losses into profits? While there is no sure-fire way of beating the odds every time, you can put in place a pattern of habits which will improve your ability and make yourself a better gambler. Follow these four handy hints and tips and you should soon see your success rate reflect the hard work that you’re putting in.

Play the odds

The nature of online casino games dictates that you won’t win every time. However, you can employ smart betting methods to reduce the house edge – or the inherent advantage that the house holds against you – and enhance your chances of winning overall. For those who want to start on the most level playing field possible, blackjack offers the most favourable odds compared to other table games. Even if you prefer slots, poker or sports betting, just make sure you analyse the odds before laying your bet.

Do your research

The secret to success in any industry is putting in place the appropriate preparations and gambling is no different. If you’re a poker player, you should read up on strategies and watch professionals at work; if you’re a sports bettor, only ever lay wagers on players, teams and leagues you’re familiar with and pore over form guides to inform your decisions; if you prefer games of chance, study the rules to ensure you understand what’s required of you to win – and then make it happen. Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.

Keep a log book

Just as important as the research you undertake before laying a bet are the notes you take during your gambling and the reflection you practice after a session. By writing down any strategies you employ, any mistakes you may have made and your overall winnings and losses, you can see in black and white what you’re doing right – and what needs improvement. This will ensure you don’t make the same error twice and that you can build upon your previous performance to better it the next time around.

Practice makes better

Speaking of which, you can’t expect to be a successful gambler the first time of asking. As with all things in life, practice will only improve your skills, understanding and decision making, so it’s important that you hone your talents on a regular basis, regardless of the particular game you favour. Even if you suffer setbacks, don’t lose faith; there are plenty of billionaires who forged their fortunes in gambling and with a little dedication, perseverance and plenty of hard work, there’s no reason why you can’t join them.

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Last Updated: Feb 18, 2021