A video game live streaming platform is one which usually is where the video game is live streamed on a platform, and while the host plays the video game, it enables other users to watch and interact during the live streaming session. The video game streaming plays a huge role in streaming the video game content in any platform and moreover, it also acts as a medium to connect video game players to their audience who would like to see them play. The best video gaming live streaming services will also connect you with the best video games in seconds rather than taking hours and should instantly allow you to connect to the device of your choice. When it comes to streaming a video game while you play or in other words, to stream your gameplay, you are accessible to thousands of people who would or can be potentially interested in watching your game play. Apart from that, if you are good at what you do, and you do become popular and trending on these video game streaming platforms, you can even earn a living through something you enjoy doing.

Video game streaming is not easy, especially when there are a countless number of users to troll you for your smallest mistake and ready to bring you down. Apart from that, to find a video game live streaming platform that actually compliments and fits within your needs and criteria would be equally hard to find, moreover, something that fits into your budget as well. So, which are the five best video game live streaming platforms in the year of 2021?

1. YouTube.

YouTube is the social media platform which is also popularly used for live streaming and about more than two billion monthly users from all over the world use YouTube. This platform is literally the golden goose for video game streaming content creators because it helps in not only providing the global reach and helps you reach out to your potential audience. It helps you to gain money from your live streams and you can also access the analytics of your video game play performances which will help you improve your brand and stream quality as well. YouTube live has a highlight feature which allows the video game players to attract more potential users and even has a chat tool feature which allows and enables the audience to increase the interaction and engagement. This platform also helps you earn money from ads which could appear before in between or even over the live stream, and even allows your fans to subscribe to your channel membership which means that you can share some content only for your loyal fans. You can even buy youtube subscribers to get a real boost and engagement on your account. Apart from this, the user interface is extremely easy to use and the quality that is provided by the live streaming platform is great because of which it even allows the view to organize their favorite live streamers.

2. Twitch.

Twitch is one of the best video game live streaming platforms which has been very popular among the most prominent live streamers and has a great user interface. It is completely free to anyone who wants to visit the website or just watch the streams and offers a huge variety of personalization options for the view. Twitch is one of the fastest growing video game live streaming platforms and provides an audience all over the world, and is a platform that is just more than gaming, it allows chatting and live stream analytics which help the user who is live streaming to know and understand when is the best time to start streaming and can even be monetized. From badges to subscriptions to gifting subscriptions to using emoticons to donations and the ads, Twitch can be easily monetized through these various options.

3. Facebook live streaming.

Facebook gaming was launched in the year 2018 and started gaining active users rapidly. The explosive growth was one of the main reasons why video game streaming on Facebook is popular. It not only has a huge audience but it also helps creators to reach out to their potential audience. Apart from that it has chat features which also help in interaction and you can even monetize your streaming channel by charging real money for subscriptions. Facebook is one of the largest social media networks that is available and they also have live video analytics features which give you insights on your live streams that will help in better audience management. You can always schedule your video game live stream and promote it, apart from which you can even interact with your audience using the live chat feature. From ads to in stream ads in your live streaming, Facebook offers them all provided you meet their requirements.

4. Smashcast.

Smashcast is one of the best video game streaming platforms in the year of 2021 and was formed when there was a merger between the HitBox and the Azubu Tv. The features that are provided on Smashcast is one of the best features that can be available for the five best video game streaming platforms and has an excellent user interface. With a color palette which is designed to attract the eye of the user and has various detailed video categorization features which enable you to choose your favorite videos under a number of categories such as the private, adult only and public. But the only con about Smashcast is that if you do not have a computer which has a great performance which means a higher RAM, otherwise you may face problems.

5. Afreeca TV.

Afreeca TV is the video game streaming platforms which is usually preferred by professional gamers and is known to boost the simplest options for live game streaming for the user. But for the user which is viewing the live stream, it may seem rather complicated. While the user can easily categorize the videos they would like to see, it is not necessarily the best feature. They do offer a lot of quality and great content which is quite popular among the audience as well.

These are the five best video game streaming platforms of the year 2021, and they are the best options for any live streamer, be it a professional or even a noob. Apart from that, these are also the rapidly growing live video game streaming platforms and it would be wise to jump on to them and broaden your audience and reach out to the potential users who would like and enjoy to see your live video game streams which would also help with your interactions. 

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Last Updated: Feb 17, 2021