6 Social Networking Apps All Students Should Use

Social networking is one of the major ways we communicate these days. Although social media have their fair share of downsides, it is impossible to ignore the benefits they offer. Students can reach out, meet new people, collaborate on projects, or build their presence.

Benefits of Social Networking Apps

The main advantage of all social networking platforms is that they allow students to stay engaged with the community and share various information. They are fast, international, and give access to a multitude of features.

You can find like-minded people, engage in conversation, share artwork, or ask for advice. For example, if you are looking for college assignment help, you can ask, “where can I pay someone to write my paper” on social media and receive feedback from other students. Academic writing can be challenging for many learners, and a lot of them apply for qualified assistance. Professional writing platforms deliver writing, editing, and proofreading services for all types of college papers. But it is important to find a reliable and experienced provider.

Collaboration with an expert writer is a great learning opportunity. It offers advice and guidance necessary to learn essential skills and become a better writer yourself. And you can get more free time while your work is polished by a professional. Learning about opportunities and finding exceptional specialists is one of the huge possibilities social networks give.

Besides that, they can be extremely beneficial for students to:

  • Create a portfolio and digital presence for your skills;

  • Network with alumni or specialists in your future field of work;

  • Share your ideas, research, or art with others;

  • Get feedback or advice on various things;

  • Access educational materials or courses;

  • Stay in touch with people around the world;

  • Build professional connections.

Also, social network apps can be entertaining. But in this guide, we’ll focus on other features such platforms offer.

It is worth noting that social media can be distracting, toxic, or overwhelming sometimes. It is a matter of approach, mindset, and usage. Any tool has its pros and cons, so it is important to use it with reasonable caution.

Best Social Networking Apps for Students


This platform is all about learning and getting answers. Here students can ask any questions related to their field of science, from Math and Biology to History and Languages. Other users answer questions and give recommendations. So you can find interesting information or uncover some sources you’ve not heard of.

It is free and gives you an unlimited number of questions, but there are ads. Users get points for answers and rating other comments. So everyone is motivated to help each other out. Also, the answers are verified by experts.


This might not be the most fun application, but it is surely very useful for students. It is a network designed for professionals. And you can start your account in college to establish a digital presence for your future career.

Overall, it serves almost as a digital resume. Here you can add your college, research field, or specific certifications. Also, students can set up skills they have, and others can rate them. It is also great for reaching out and following industry leaders, businesses, and experts. You can join professional communities, participate in discussions, or build a network of useful connections.

One of the major benefits of LinkedIn is that a lot of recruiters use it to find talent. So you might be getting new job or internship opportunities.


If you love reading or want to improve your reading habits, this one is a top choice. It is all about meeting your literary goals, finding new exciting titles and authors, and communicating with like-minded individuals.

You can log in with a Google or Facebook account, find your friends who use it and search for various books according to a genre, title, or author. You can add titles to “want to read,” buy them by following a link, or participate in various challenges. There are also lots of news, interviews, and interesting articles.

Students can rate the books they read, leave a comment, and look at what others have to say. In the community section, you can also find groups by interests.

Project Noah

This is a great online community for some science fieldwork related to wildlife. If you are interested in biodiversity research, it is a great place to go. It is free and open to all students and scientists. Here students can publish their wildlife photographs and create a nature journal. Also, you can view all other media created by users.

It is also a great learning place as you can get more acquainted with wildlife, learn how to identify various species, and communicate with experts on the matter.


Pinterest is a safe and positive application for bookmarking ideas - “pins.” Those are usually pictures, photographs, or videos. You can create your own boards for various topics and save pins publicly or privately. Students can also download pictures or share their creations.

It is often used to find craft ideas, interior design inspirations, or drawing references. But you can find almost anything here, from recipes to brand marketing tips. It has a great search feature and useful recommendations based on your interests. As a visually-driven platform, it is entertaining. However, it doesn’t give a lot of communication opportunities.


Reddit is a different place from any other social networking site. It is a site with a multitude of forums that people create. So students can find any type of community-based on their interests. You can join communities, participate in conversations, share ideas, etc.

Here you can stay on top of the news, uncover various cool opportunities, or even do sociological research. There are forums on everything, from films to FinTech and true crime.

In Summary

These social networking apps can be hugely beneficial for college students. They have different purposes and features, but each of them comes with advantages. Whether you want to create a professional portfolio, find like-minded people, or get inspired – check them out.  


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Last Updated: Mar 06, 2023