7 Games That Payout Real Money

Video games like Destiny 2, Call of Duty and Heroes of the Storm are incredibly entertaining. They can also help you kill time, make new friends and sharpen your motor skills. But if you want to play video games for money, the process can take years.

The explanation is that video gaming is insanely competitive. It’s also resource-intensive and can suck up hundreds of hours of your time. Of course, our goal isn’t to discourage you from pursuing a career in gaming.

However, there’s an easier route for making decent cash without buying high-end gaming machines and investing too much time in the process. It’s called play online games that payout real money. Below are seven of them.

Slot Machines -  99%

If you’ve been to Las Vegas, you’ve probably seen slots. They look like arcade games except RNG software and not your skills determine when you win and lose. At online casinos, video slots have advanced graphics and higher payout rates.

Some top-rated slots payback up to 99% of gambled money. While this fact doesn’t guarantee anything, playing top-paying games increases your chances of winning. Some slots—progressive jackpots—don’t have impressive payout rates.

But they’re equipped with jackpots that increase over time. The best jackpots payout at least $1 million. And surprisingly, you can bet with as little as ten cents. That said, jackpots pose more risk than regular video slots, which is why only a small percentage of players win them.

Video Poker – 99.85%

Video Poker is a blend of two games: slots and poker. They operate on video screens and rely on RNG software to produce winners. However, their gameplay is similar to poker: you use the same card suits as Texas Hold’em.

The beauty of playing video poker lies in the potential payouts. Most video poker variants have a 97% to 102% payout rate. This makes them the best paying games at most casinos. With that in mind, luck plays a crucial role in whether you win or lose.

At the start of a video poker game, you select the number of credits you want to bet (one to five). Then you press play to receive five random cards. Next, you choose cards to keep and cards to dispose.

Software runs again to produce more cards. If the cards on the video screen now form a poker hand, say a straight, flush or full house, you get paid according to the number of credits you wagered.

Texas Hold’em – Varied RTP depending on your skills

Texas Hold’em is arguably the best game for video gamers. It’s a game of skill, just like Destiny 2 or CS: GO. Sometimes luck can win you game. But in many cases, it’s the decisions you make during a game that determines whether you win or lose.

Like many casino games, Texas Hold’em is pretty straightforward. You receive two cards at the start of a game. During this round, you can increase your bet size, fold your cards not to play or play without changing your bet amount.

In the second round, a dealer deals three cards. During this stage, it’s easy to know whether you have a winning hand or not. But if you’re not sure, you can wait until you receive the fourth-round card. Or you can wait for the fifth and final card.


With so many cards in a game, Texas Hold’em allows you to use multiple strategies and skills to win. Some people are much better at the game than others. If you’re a beginner, start by playing the game with fellow novices.

Blackjack – 98.5%

Blackjack is a game of luck and strategy. Also, it pays up to 99% of gambled money. For a long time, blackjack was the most popular card games in the world. It was popular with celebrities, kings, high rollers and soldiers.

Over the years, it lost its top spot to baccarat. But it’s still a popular and great game to play for money. Unlike Texas Hold’em, however, you play poker with a dealer and not fellow players. This also applies to multiplayer blackjack games. There might be seven players around a blackjack table but everyone plays against the dealer.

Like Texas Hold’em, though, you receive two cards at the start of a blackjack game. The dealer also receives two cards: one card faces down. The other faces up. At this point, you win the game if your two cards form a hand of 21.

If they don’t, you can hit to get another card. Or you can stand not to receive another card. You can also double down by doubling your bet. In exchange, you receive two more cards. What’s more, you can take insurance to receive half of your bet back if the dealer forms a hand of 21.

Baccarat - 99%

Baccarat is James Bond’s favorite card game. It’s also the world’s most popular card games thanks to wealthy casino players in Macau. The game has two hands: the banker and the player. You can wager on either hand or a tie.

When a baccarat game starts, a dealer hands out four cards: two cards for the player’s hand and two cards for the dealer’s hand. Gamblers the bet to predict which hand wins. Winning in blackjack means producing a hand of nine.

The game uses regular card suits. Face cards and tens are counted as zero while cards 2-9 hold their face value. If you get two cards whose total value is great than nine, the digit on the right becomes hand total. Let’s say you have a card of 5 and a card of 8. The total is 13. Your new hand is a three.

Roulette – 97.5%

Roulette is one of the most popular table games at casinos. It’s a game of luck. But for some reason, physicists and mathematicians have always tried to use their skills to beat casinos. A few of them succeeded. Most didn’t.

All the same, roulette is a fun game to play. You predict where a small ball or marker lands when the roulette wheel stops spinning. If you’re correct, you get paid 35 to 1.


All games are not created equal, same goes for casino games. In order to get a good payout and value for your deposit, be sure to play games that you know and that have a payout percentage or so called RTP of over 95%. Below is a breakdown of popular casino games and their payout percentage.

Casino Game

Return to Player

Video Poker




Online Slots








Source: topnoaccountcasinos

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Last Updated: Apr 30, 2021