Sacred Flower Clan in Motion has an exclusive trailer for 9 Dragons posted today. In this trailer, we get a glimpse of the Sacred Flower Clan.

In this new trailer we look at the "Sacred Flower" clan. Here is a description from Acclaim:

"The Sacred Flower Clan was founded by a legendary female warrior, whose name shall not be known to men, when she was denied entrance to the male-dominated Shaolin Temple. It is said that, “For every action comes an opposite reaction,” and from that act of discrimination rose a clan of beautiful, deadly, female masters. Their motto, “If men rule the world, women must rule men!” These women know they are not equally matched with men as far as brute strength is concerned, and that’s why Sacred Flower’s Kung Fu techniques are based on seduction, speed and illusion supplanted with all manner of poisons and venoms. Their weapons of choice are daggers, whips and throwing stars. Disciples of Sacred Flower train night and day to restore the holy balance of Yin and Yang. If it requires bloodshed, so be it!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016