Moving from Screen to

An Interview Chris
Waldron, Executive Producer of Fusion Fall

By Garrett Fuller

At the San Diego
Comic-Con one of the newest titles we got to
see had a birthplace, the animated children features of the Cartoon
Network. With the younger generation getting more and more involved in
online games and the Internet culture, it seems like companies are
really starting to wake up to the fact that everyone is starting to
play online games in some form. Chris Waldron, the executive producer
on Cartoon Network’s Fusion
, certainly didn’t
need to be told that children were eagerly gobbling up online games
directed at their age group. Chris has been working on the game for
several years and now it has taken full form and they are finally ready
to show it to the public.

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The Cartoon Network MMOG,  style="font-style: italic;">FusionFall, is
trying to entertain both old and young players.

In our chat with Chris, he was able to give us a strong sense
of the vision he has for the game and how it incorporates numerous
characters from past and present original Cartoon Network shows. Chris
was able to get the official green light on the game in 2006 and the
whole operation is now up and running at full speed. Chris assembled a
team of both MMO developers and Cartoon Network experts to work on
Fusion Fall and now we can finally start reading about the results they
have all achieved.

The game is geared towards Cartoon Network’s main
demographic which is - of course - kids. Players can create their own
avatars with loads of customization options and jump right into the
Cartoon Network world. This world may be a little different from the
original shows that Cartoon Network fans are used too. In this world
the characters of popular shows like Power Puff Girls, Samurai Jack,
Ben 10, Billy & Mandy, Kids Next Door, Fosters, and,
everyone’s favorite, Dexter’s Laboratory are all a
bit older than their current versions and they are all facing a single
threat from a deadly planet called Planet Fusion that engulfs other
worlds into its own make-up.

This is a Cartoon Network world where Mojo Jojo is working
alongside the Power Puff Girls. Yes, even Dexter and Mandark have put
aside their endless feud to work together to stop Planet Fusion from
ruining the world. Players join their favorite characters in the fight
against Planet Fusion’s evil blobs which animate and spawn
creatures that corrupt the world.

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Garrett playing with his avatar and the cute Nano
version of Eduardo.

Not only will players be able to interact with the characters
from their favorite shows, but they can collect them. You read that
last portion correctly, you can collect smaller versions of the
characters of your favorite shows called Nanos. The Nanos act as
passive pets for the player and they can help you out with buffs,
heals, speed boosts, and combat damage. Players can carry around
Eduardo, Mojo Jojo, Samurai Jack, Four-Arms and many other Cartoon
Network characters. This feature also acts as a way for players to
advance, as certain achievements unlock the ability to carry more Nanos
around with your character.

The game is geared around the concept of the thirty minute
play session, so kids and parents alike can get the most out of the
time they have to play. If you truly enjoy the game, however, you can
go even longer and play all night. The game not only offers the fight
against the Planet Fusion forces, but there are also plenty of puzzles
and tests of player skill in the game. Think back to those old school
games that wanted you to jump across platforms, and if you
didn’t hit them just right you went down; this is something
comparable to what you’ll see in Fusion Fall. Fusion Fall has
puzzles in the game that force players to test their skills in fun and
challenging ways.

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Chris Waldron chats with Garrett Fuller about style="font-style: italic;">FusinoFall.

In finishing up our chat with Chris there were three points
that he wanted to make clear about the game. The first was re-imagining
the Cartoon Network characters and shows. He expressed the privilege he
felt working with the great characters of both older and current shows,
and breathing new life into the characters really is at the heart of
the game. The second point is bringing together the game styles of MMOs
with platform game play. By putting puzzles and tests of skill in the
MMO, it certainly gives players the experience of skillful platform
gaming on a unique level. Lastly, Chris was very excited about the
Nanos, which help players along the game. Not only do you get to meet
your favorite characters, but you can bring them with you on adventures
as part of your character’s make up.

We want to thank Chris for spending time with us and giving us
a look at Cartoon Network’s Fusion Fall. Not only is it a
great-looking MMO for kids, but gamers will find a lot of surprises in
the play styles and features of the game. With more and more MMOs
coming to market geared to a younger audience, Chris Waldron and his
team are on the right track to deliver a challenging and fun experience
to our newest generation of MMO players.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016