Inside the Captain's Quarters - A Pirates of the Carribean Online Q&A with VR Studios' Mike Goslin

Disney's VR Studio offers us a peek inside the ongoing development of Pirates of the Caribbean Online with VP Mike Goslin. Mike walks us through the process of becoming a pirate, commenting on the strength of the franchise, and the supernatural elements that make PotC one of a kind among MMORPGs.

"Mike Goslin, President, VR Studios: The biggest difference between this game and other MMOs is that the pirate-themed world we are designing will feature some supernatural elements that are unique to the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise: defending your ship from sea monsters, fighting skeleton pirates, and casting voodoo spells. We will also include the classic pirate activities: epic sea battles, searching for buried treasure, playing dice and cards, and carousing in towns."

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016